NPC Neck Snap

This one was in Eastmarch; as I was trying to find a way to save the Skald-King. Stormy-Eyes snapped his neck back; and got stuck there. hehe. This happened on Jan. 2nd.
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @roguexxxmenb14_ESO,

    We're aiming to have this issue resolved in Update 6. Thanks for the report!
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  • KriHavok
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  • roguexxxmenb14_ESO
    I had to miss most of ESO LIve yesterday; but I did catch that part about the neck snap; and how you at ZOS thought it was almost a thing of the past. Wanted to let you guys know; it wasn't. I actually had two sure neck snaps. I had another a few days after this one; but I didn't take a screen shot. I only took this one because I thought it was funny. But yes; the neck snap is alive and well, and we are all looking forward to Update 6! hehe
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