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Is the Serpents Image hitting harder after the latest patch? [Sanctum Ophidia - Mantikora fight]

After the latest patch the Serpents Image (mini boss of the Mantikora) is hitting for insane amount of damage. My tank is hardcapped in Spell resistance / armor and has high block mitigation and he still gets a ton of damage from him. His heavy attack hits me for ~20% of my HP.

Also, on a side note. I've experienced a problem with my taunt. I have a serious "taunt once every 10 seconds" rotation and I still ,somehow, managed to lose aggro from both the Mantikora and the Serpents Image. Retaunting doesn't help at all and I'm not able to do that twice in the row (after my first failed taunt). But that happens randomly and not all the time.

Anyone else had issues with that fight?

PS: No clue if this is the right forum section to post this thread. So Mods you can move it wherever it's more appropriate.
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  • Shunravi
    I don't know about the damage...

    But I have had a tank who has never had trouble with agro suddenly loose agro. And the Manticorra singled me out of the group and walked across the entire room, while the tank was desperately trying to get its attention, to smack me in the face. Honestly, I was honored he chose me for pwnage.
    This one has an eloquent and well thought out response to tha... Ooh sweetroll!
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