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Potions and rez gems ?

What are these Rez gems and should i be buying them also how do i put potions on my hotbar?
  • Nestor
    Soul Gems are what you need. There are 5 levels of gems, so buy the approrpriate ones for your character. Some mobs drop them, but I don't remember getting too many of them at early levels. You buy them from a Mystic in town, usually they are near the Enchanter, but not always.

    Do not buy them filled, the game gives you the Soul Trap spell for free. Add the spell to your skill bar, then go hunt mudcrabs near your level. Do some damage, cast the soul trap spell before they die, and you have a filled gem.

    Note, once you get the skill built up enough, there is a passive that gives a 10% chance to fill a gem without casting the spell. I don't even put points back into Soul Trap anymore, just the passive.

    As for your Quickslots, open up your inventory, then right click on an item and choose Add to Quickslot. Then in game, use the Q key to bring up the wheel and select what you want to use, then when you want to use it, hit the Q key. Changing the item you use with the Q key can be kind of tricky in a battle, but you will get the hang of it eventually.
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  • AlexDougherty
    REZ gems are filled Soul Gems, they can be used to resurrect a fallen ally (or yourself instead of going to the nearest wayshrine).

    You can buy filled soul gems from Mystics (vendors) or you can buy empty ones and fill them with the spell in the world section of your abilities. Personall I recomend investing in the passive that gives you a 5% chance of filling a sould gem i you kill an enemy with your weapon.

    Now putting potion in your hot bar is done from your inventory, in the top left of the box is a icon that says "Quickslots" when you hover the pointer over it. this allows you to put potions in the Q menu, which activates a potion (when selected) when you press Q, to select the potion hold down Q to open the Quickwheel and select the potions you want Q to use.

    And yes the Quickwheel is very slow to manually use in combat, so preselect before a fight.
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  • Castagere
    Great guys..i have to wonder why this stuff isn't in the tutorial. That kind of info would so help new players. Should forward this to the dev team.
  • sgtsgt
    The potions and the quick slot are in a tutorial the first time you get an item that can be put in a quick slot
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