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Trial Event

Soul Shriven
First and foremost; I love this game and try to play everyday. I don't mind paying a monthly fee because it is worth it to me. I would love to have more of my real life friends to play the game with but, not a single gamer i know will play the game.
The reason for this goes all the way back to beta. The beta In their opinions (also mine) left much to be desired, I felt like i was playing some random class driven mmo with elders scrolls stuff in it. Most of what i love about Elders Scrolls games was missing; Mainly the epic freedom i loved so much in past Elders Scrolls games. The freedom to cast all kinds of spells/spellcrafting, the freedom to fight and steel, and the freedom to dodge and aim.
But it was beta, that's what beta's are; stress test and building the game. The game has come a long way since the beta; once update 6 is out the game will be much more relevant to what everyone wants out of an Elders Scrolls tittle.
My Question to Zenimax is. Are you planing on doing a trial event in the near future so that my friends will play with me?!??!
  • Syntse
    You can always tell them what has changed and fixed etc to convince them to resubscribe.
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  • arrowintheknee
    Soul Shriven
    I have tried alot. seeing and playing is believing when it comes to games. especially mmo's. gnome sayin?
  • Cuyler
    I agree. It was very tough when I realized none of my friends would give @ZOS the same "benefit of doubt" that I do that this game will be great. They need hard evidence apparently since none of them subscribed. Not to mention all the reviews are bad and the constant changing mechanics leads them to wonder if "now is the time" or wait longer. The game needs a trial offer.
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