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LF Solo Build w/ least required effort...

I'm looking for something with good self sustain and enough damage to kind of cruise control through content for my first char. I want to be able to enjoy the story and quests and be self sufficient. Not looking for end game etc builds, just something to let me enjoy the game and learn about it while I level. ESO is currently my game for casual enjoyment on nights I'm not raiding in another game.
  • MissBizz
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    The cookie cutter builds seem to be best for this. Using stamina skills currently makes your time more difficult.

    My easiest toon was my Templar with destro/resto staff. I put everything into magicka/health and just use stamina for dodging etc. Having the templar heals and resto heals ensures you can always heal yourself. They also have some very good skills for attacking (I'm looking at you biting jabs)

    It is my understanding sorc has better magicka management so that may also be the answer.
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  • Cuyler
    I'd say sorcerer is the easiest due to the endless impulse spam you can do, but come endgame, unless massive changes are made, the sorcerer is 3rd best dps.

    With that said a DK, build for dps, is the best in the game atm and can also spam impulse. Has great health buffs and if you can gear up for magicka regen should be the same if not better than the sorc.

    Basically NBs are the trickest class to play and require the most "effort".
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