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Bad Medicine Overpowered for VR2

I just tried to do the Maulborn quest "Bad Medicine" as a VR quest, it has several significant problems.

First, the mobs were overpowered, they read as VR2, but were way more powerful than my VR2 DK. I wasn't struggling with him a few weeks ago (I alternate between my characters), but this was more like fighting VR3 mobs (for a VR2 character).

Second, the mobs are over sensitive, you attack one group and others join in, despite being beyond the limit for detecting you.

Third, the Plague Husk scent took three goes to work, and when it didn't work all the plague husks below attacked (not just the five at the bottom of the stairs).

Fourth, and critically, the fight at the end was impossible. This is a solo quest, but if I attcked the mobs near the boss (Nostrum Breva) then the boss heals them and they become unkillable (despite being out of range technically). If I attack Nostrum instead, I can't get damage her enough to hurt her, and she keeps healing herself (and the interrupts take three goes to work), and after a while the mobs near the entrance respawn and join in.

In short this quest is bugged, I don't usually ask for a nerf (usually takes he challenge out) but this is ridiculous. No matter how I improve my alt, he won't do squat against it at the moment (because scaling will just strengthen the mobs further).
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  • Master_Fluff
    It's not a mandatory solo quest. You can group with others. But I agree that Nostrum Breva is a bit of a handfull to take on alone. As are a few other quest bosses. Especially the Obsidian Gorge one. And lets not even mention Magistrix Vox. They're both impossible for my VR3 Templar. I've abandoned those quests. It's not like I can't do the rest of Cadwells silver without 'em.
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