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fighters/mages and main quest bosses

Before anyone starts to rant, I understand perfectly why they got the hammer nerf, so the casual player would be able to enjoy it. Which is great.

I hope in the future, like the dungeon scaling for groups.

I would hope they would make these 3 story lines, so they come with option upon entering.

Casual mode: where it is now
Moderate mode: where it was like 6th month ago
Hardcore mode: where it was from the start, even with more adds and such

the reward should scale as well from it

Just killed Doshia, in less then 10 seconds feels ungratified and ashame, for those that wants a challenge.

Last time I killed her fully naked: video link in my signature
PC, EU server, Ebonheart Pact
  • Jitterbug
    Yeah I was kinda shocked when doing Doshia on my first alt recently.
    Remembering the fight in early access, deep breath, she was dead before I exhaled...
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