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Returning Player - general questions!

Soul Shriven

I am returning to the game after many months, and have a few questions.
  1. Is there a website anyone can recommend for good builds/guides on building well?
  2. It seems like Sorcs are not in the best place right now, is that true? If so, how are NB when they DW with a bow?
  3. Are there any must have addons that are great for leveling?
  4. If possible, what balance state are the factions in?

Any information anyone has is greatly appreicated!

Thanks in advance. :smile:
  • leeux
    Hello @Celarri‌, Welcome back to the game :)

    For 1. the site that is full of builds and theorycraft information is
    In there, you have a theorycrafting section there on which many builds gets posted.
    Also, look on too, he posts good builds and explains them very thoroughly, and he gives good advise on skills in general too.

    For 2. Yeah, it seems, at least for magicka based ones... But you can be a stamina based Sorc and do great now.
    NB and bows is pretty good combination, and DW is very good too, but 2H is even better ATM :)
    But I'm only going by what I heard on that, as I haven't used DW yet on any of my chars.

    For 3. Depends on what you mean for leveling. For example, for getting skyshards and lorebooks easier, there's addons that shows them on the map. Or if you mean, like a damage meter to learn what kind of skills and combinations give better results, yeah... FTC, Combat Log and/or Recount are the ones useful for that.
    Also, for leveling crafts and keeping up with research items and times, Research Assistant and AI Research Grid are must have, IMO.

    For 4. It depends on campaign, but on thornblade, which is the most active one, it seems that EP has the most numbers all time, and the other two are struggling to keep up. But it wasn't always like that, and it'd probably keep changing as the game evolves.

    Hope this gives some answers to you, or at least makes you finding more info easier :)

    Best regards,
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  • Celarri
    Soul Shriven
    leeux wrote: »
    Best regards,
    Thank you so much for all the info!
  • Cuyler
    Welcome Back! :smiley:

    1. and using the search function on these forums.
    2. Sorcs are still sought for endgame content but not as much as NB and DK. I'd personally stay away from anything bow but if you must, the bow builds are really only viable as a stealth gank build in cyrodiil where you snipe and then kite if they don't get one shotted. Stick with DW or staff NB, s/b or staff DK for best results.
    3. "skyshards", "researchassistant", "researchgrid", "softcapinfo", "wykkyd's framework", "foundrytacticalcombat", "combatcloud", "EMM minimap"...that should get you started.
    4. EP has largest zergs and uses pop lock tactics on other alliances. Plus they cried a lot originally that they had too few members so many people went to their side out of pity. now they the largest. DC is next. AD is screwed atm with zero coordination.

    Happy Hunting!
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