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Reddithium is recruiting AD/EU PVE/PVP

Reddithium, the official Reddit guild for the EU, is recruiting.

We are a casual guild, aimed at enjoying everything the game has to offer, from both a PvE and PvP perspective. Although we are casual, we also enjoy attempting trial hard modes, and other challenging end game content.

Our Culture

Reddithium is a guild aimed at providing a platform for any gamer to enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online, without the need to commit to a hardcore regime. We are a social PvX guild, who hold regular PvP and PvE events for our members to enjoy.

We have no entrance criteria, so regardless of level or class, you can join the guild and participate. When we hold events, our focus is involving everyone - our primary aim is enjoyment of the game!


Many of our members focus heavily on PvE, and activities within the guild reflect this. Our guild members regularly take on PVE content together. Guild activities are driven by our members, and so anyone can arrange an event if they would like to form a group.

Our ultimate aim is to develop a strong membership base so that we are able to mount regular end-game PvE runs, including Trials. For this, we need you!

Here are some examples of our latest PvE achievements:

•1st Sanctum Boss down - R.I.P Mantikora
•2nd Santum Boss down
•Hel Ra Hardmode Done


Current Campaign: Wherever the action is!

PvP is one of the main focuses for Reddithium, and we try to have regular events to form PvP groups for our members to participate in. In addition to this, all of our members are free to form groups themselves in the name of Reddithium, and many do just that. There are always guild members ready to fight for the Dominion!

As the guild develops and our membership increases, we aim to be more active in PvP when Imperial City is released. For that we need you!

What you can expect from us:
•A friendly environment
•Regular PvP events held by our Officers, or from within the guild community itself
•Regular PvE events held by our Officers, or from within the guild community itself
•An active Teamspeak server, for friendly chat while gaming or to coordinate and organize PvP and PvE events
•Active guild chat, with fellow guild members always willing to help

What kind of people we are looking for:
Reddithium is shaping up to be one large family. (We do have a few “Crazy Uncles” in the bunch.) We are looking for friendly, active players to become members of the Reddithium family. Plus, we have cake! (Not really, the cake is a lie.)

Guild Spotlight

You can read a little more about the guild and its history here:

How to join

If you would like to join Reddithium, simply send me a message on here, or message @Meey or @Ra_Himself in game, with a brief explanation of why you want to join. We will then send you an invite. Or even better, post on our subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/esoguildeu

Note that being a member of Reddit is not a requirement of joining, but we would encourage guild members to join so as to participate in our subreddit. Our subreddit is where we post the list of weekly events, and that is where you sign up for those events. This is also where you can create events of your own.

Cya ingame,

@Meey - Reddithium GM
Edited by Syrani on December 11, 2014 8:04PM
  • jexoba
    invite me @Jexoba
  • Syrani
    I am not currently in the game right now, but I will send you an invite later on when I log back in. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Edited by Syrani on December 11, 2014 10:03PM
  • Syrani
    @Jexoba, and invitation has been sent. Welcome!
  • Ad3jacko
    Soul Shriven
    Syrani send me and my daughter a invite please
    We look forward to joining your guild‌
  • Syrani
    I would be happy to send you both an invite! I am not on just yet, but will be in a couple of hours. I will send the invites as soon as I get on.

    I look forward to meeting both of you!
  • Ad3jacko
    Soul Shriven
    Thankyou syrani
  • Syrani
    Welcome to the family! We are happy to have the both of you!
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