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Question for Developers Regarding Spellcrafting

Good evening,

I had asked this question during last week's ESO Live stream, and the wonderful @ZOS_JessicaFolsom‌ suggested I post it to the forum as the answer may be lengthy. Now as long as I post it to the correct forum, we'll be in business.

During the Quake Con presentation, @ZOS_NickKonkle‌ teased us with a mockup of the Spellcrafting UI. One of the menus featured ability customization options like AOE, Enduring, Ultimate, etc. Would you be able to explain in greater detail the effects these options would have on abilities like Lightning Bolt, Oakflesh, and Conjure Flame Atronach?

Most of the options seem pretty self-explanatory (although I'd really like to know if an AOE Ice Cloak spell would do more than provide the buff to a group of people), but I can't seem to figure out what effect the Ritual option will have. The most likely effect I can imagine would be increasing the effectiveness of a spell as more people in a group cast it together. That would certainly make a spell like Conjure Familiar interesting. However, what on Nirn is a Muffle Ritual...?

In addition, would we be able to delete older crafted abilities as we add new ones? I can't help but think the UI would get cluttered after experimenting with different ability combinations.

I'm looking forward to the introduction of Spellcrafting, and the next show!
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  • Gyudan
    Nahz wrote: »
    I'm looking forward to the introduction of Spellcrafting, and the next show!
    I'm sure everyone shares that feeling. :)
  • Skullemainia
    such a shame that nobody's replying this, I'm looking forward to this the most of all things that will come ;)
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