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[Grind Video] How to get fast XP in Craglorn

Just a little Video I found...


AA Hardmode: Clear
Hel Ra Hardmode: Clear
Sanctum Ophidia: Clear

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_loBgyp90CgUTI1VAdAWQQ
Guild: You don't know me
  • Averya_Teira
    Why post this on the official forums ? Now ZOS will fix it in 8 to 12 weeks !
  • D Fresh
    D Fresh
    Thanks for ruining it!
    Aldmeri Dominion

    DShotz- VR 14 NB
    Big Dub Diesel- VR 8 DK
  • Aenlir
    Ah better finish leveling my DK quick
  • Thechemicals
    Awesome!!!! Stay away from my power levelling Zeni!! Grrrr.... reow
    Vr14 Templar since release- dual resto
    Vr14 Dk bow/2h

    Brayan Blackthunder
    Daggerfall Covenant

    Why post this on the official forums ? Now ZOS will fix it in 8 to 12 weeks !

    Lucky for us there won't be a need to grind VR ranks due to champion system ;D
  • Hypertionb14_ESO
    its funny, i theroized this to be a grind spot months ago,

    i have always used that delve for Skill grinding. was always a prefrence, but that it caught on as a XP grind like this...

    honestly i now expect to see the spiders to be changed into the crappy "swarming"variety..

    to be expected... i also expect similar treatment in spellscar.
    I play every class in every situation. I love them all.
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