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Undaunted Achivs

Hi ESO and other players

I was missing 20 points to get to LV8 on undaunted guild and finished the vet COH dungeon with the no death giving me 50 points for the achivment plus the 50 for doind all death challanges.
This only gave me 20 points in undaunted guild level is this normal or bug?

Best Answer

  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    Thx man. So more 10-15 days to lv9 :(
  • Magdalina
    Well, at least it gave you any points at all. Those of us that completed all/most Undaunted achievements pre-1.5 never got credit for things we did inbetween reaching Undaunted 5 and them introducing Undaunted 10.

    Doesn't really matter now, I'm already Undaunted 9, but did leave a sore taste in my mouth, sort of.
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