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Game Freezing and Constant Crashing

Soul Shriven
Good evening,
I have been playing the game since launch, as the game has progressed, I have been suffering from the game freezing. What i mean by freezing, the game will more or less stop around me, ie players not moving, no chat, resource bars for character either refilling without being expended or not refilling, can't attack or run, but i'm still able to move around. I also suffer from being kicked out of the game at random times, sometimes completing actions, some times just standing around. I've died a number or times to this, when i've been kicked either in the middle of combat or initiating it.
Has this happened to anyone else? If so, is there a fix? And is it a known bug? I have had it happen on my laptop and desktop, which run windows 8.1 and windows 7, respectively.
I would greatly appreciate a response from Zenimax, as if it can be fixed it would greatly improve my gaming experience.
We have contacted our Customer support team to help you solve your issue.
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @seaneins,

    We went ahead and created a customer support ticket for you on this issue. Our support department will be able to gather the information they need to determine why these freezes are happening, and help by offering you some troubleshooting. They'll reach out to you via email shortly. Thanks for your patience!
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  • hlc2ga_ESO
    Something similar has been happening to me this morning. I'll be going along and suddenly I can't interact with anything - NPCs, wayshrines (either standing at one or using the map), then after a couple of minutes I get kicked out to the login screen. This just started this morning. It doesn't seem to be my internet connection since websites and such all seem to work fine. I also haven't added any new/updated addons for several days.
  • seaneins
    Soul Shriven
    Awesome a response, thank you. And yes hlc2ga_ESO i at first thought it was my internet as well, but once it was both computers, which in turn meant both the wifi and hardline, i knew it wasn't my connection. I tried the addons and no addons route, but i still got the freezes and kicks to the front screen.
  • Nate6194
    Soul Shriven
    I am having the EXACT same problem. I have opened all the recomended ports, I have tried a fresh install, I have Flushed my DNS, I have added exceptions to my windows Firewall(I have also disabled it) I have closed my AV. I turned off all firewall security settings on my router and still nothing! I can move around but I can not interact with anybody or anything and I can not run just walks slow. If customer support solves this for you, would you please post the fix?? Thanks!
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