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Extreme Latency All the Time

So I went away to visit family for Thanksgiving and now that I'm back home I find that I can't play ESO because of extremely high latency all the time (PvE and PvP). Now it appears I can't even log into the game because it times out after entering my password. If I do manage to get to character select, the game often times out before the loading screen disappears.

I had no issues at all when I last played the game (Wednesday morning, PST), but now the latency meter reads 999+ whenever I manage to log into the game. I've reset my modem and router but that has made no difference. I've run internet speed tests, ping tests and got results that were expected. I've also done web searches and streamed youtube videos while in game and there were no problems there either. When I pinged Zenimax's IP, however, I got results ranging from 4 packets lost to 2 of 4 packets lost.

It appears that there is an issue between my ISP (Charter) and Zenimax. Has anybody else experienced this? If so, how was the matter resolved?
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We have contacted our Customer support team to help you solve your issue.
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @Poxheart,

    We went ahead and created a customer support ticket for you on this issue. Our customer support team will be able to request and analyze the necessary information, such as trace routes or a game consultant file, and determine why you're experiencing latency issues. They will reach out to you via email shortly. Thanks for your patience!
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  • Lettey
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    I'm having the same issue. Could you let me know of it get resolved anytime soon? I haven't been able to play it since I bought it :'(
  • Rune_Relic
    My latency got worse since the patch too.
    Use to be constantly below mostly around 300.
    Alas,,, my OCZ vector 150 SSD just died yesterday morning.
    So dont bother with a fix for me :(
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