Invisible Ground Everywhere?!?!

Soul Shriven
Every time I log into ESO and I spawn in as any character the ground is invisible. I have no Idea what to do. I have tried the repair option and the /stuck command. Please Help!
  • hunterjoex
    Soul Shriven
    I have also checked that my driver are up to date. :(:'(
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @hunterjoex,

    I feel bad since I just posted a similar answer in another topic, but rest assured that this was in fact read and I am not a robot!

    For this issue, we ask that you submit a game consultant report to our customer support team, along with a description of your issue. Customer support will be able to offer troubleshooting based on the information contained in the report.

    Also, for additional information, does the floor ever load in or is it consistently invisible the entire time you're playing?
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