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Bow animations

I know they are working on animations but I think the bow animations and sound need a lot of help. It is so , slow and lifeless....It feels and sounds like I'm shooting a hot dog into the air with a my bow.. It should look ilke it has speed and power, which is the difference between "lord of the rings" orlando bloom and jason statham "in the name of the king". I've played a lot of games with bow animations and this defintely has the worst.

There is also a lot of video's on youtube clowning on the bow animations for eso and rightfully so. If you youtube eso bow animations the first thing that pops up is "elder scrolls online bow animations are terrible" and that's just looking up the word eso bow animation without negative connotations.

The animations are just so lackluster and it seems very unecessary to leave it that way. If amature modders from Skyrim can perfect bow animations with mods; the ZoS team should be able to get it right as well. Maybe they think the animations and sounds are ok?

I hope bow skills are one of the animations being fixed. If bow animations are not being looked at; then maybe we need to put it into the suggestion box whereever that may be.
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  • kijima
    If ESO was a slick RPG I'd want it to be perfect, but it's an MMO so I'm used to walking around as if I'm speed skating, I'm used to daft looking animations and so on.

    ESO would be the prettiest girl at the MMO party if you ask me. (It's just that she is high maintenance and hard to live with)
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    Been here since Feb 2014 - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...

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  • Elsterchen
    What is worse for me (appart from light attacks with bows taking long) is that instant abilities take up to 2s (= my time to pull snipe!). No way of animation canceling (try it- nothing is going to happen) and this is supposed to be the best ability in this skill tree with midranged dmg only.

    BUT, well let the destro-staff fire off at that time and we would get it hotfixed asap. (sry for ranting but till now every stamina-based setup i tried was always so much underpowered compared to magica-based abilities/playstiles, badly described in the tooltip and received so little attention and aknowledgement from ZOS its really getting tiresome)
  • EsORising
    We should always strive for perfection with the expectaion of meeting it in the middle. Nothing can ever be perfect but I know ZoS is capable and fixing animations would improve immersion and the overall gameplay cohesion; mentally and visually. It's just so weird when they focus on awesome graphics and gameplay only to have it killed by the weak animations. This is something they can fix and know how to fix.

    I came from a lot of the korean MMO's so I'm used to nice animations ,but crappy gameplay. I could understand coming from american or the only "popular" american mmo before eso you can settle for crappy animation like speed skating or treadmilling while aiming. I think ZoS can use that final touch and fix the animations instead of users having to get used to a imperfect system.

    ESO has great gameplay and graphics but are lacking in the animation department...and it's a simple fix... well not simple, but not as complicated as what ZoS is doing right now to increase the experience like changing every single NPC's facial animation and adding a the champion system that basically changes everything we know about stats and reblances everything. You think they can slip the bow animation in there. I would also like to applaud ZoS for their efforts pushing extreme game changing content to keep us happy but i think simple fixes like weapon would change the experience significantly ,and with a quicker time frame. Work smarter not harder.

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