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What content would you like to see in Cyrodiil?

I wanted to start a thread in alliance war on things/fluff/more content we would like to see, I have a couple ideas feel free to agree or disagree with me and list some things you would like to see.

PvP guilds/skill lines similar to how the fighters/mages guild works where there are quest lines or abilities/passives but PvP oriented some more geared towards PvE content in cyrodiil that follow up with manimarco/molag bal and others to do with the actual PvP aspect or alliance war.

•Worm Cult - Necromancer guild of manimarco acording to lore, would be a PvE follow up idea in cyrodiil following the main quest line.
•The Blades/DragonGuard - The emperors bodyguards and basically defenders of tamriel. Cloud ruler temple is even near dragonclaw over run by a dark anchor would make for a cool story, you could have the choice to join the blades or the worm cult similar to how you could join the storm cloaks or imperials in skyrim but this would be a follow up of the main story and some how fill in with the imperial city and alliance war. Mainly PvE epic quest lines in PvP.
•The Elder Council - Possibly a PvP faction, could be added in with updates to imperial city where the emperor can hand pick Six people to watch over the six keeps of cyrodiil and defend it, they could have emperor like buffs but 6x as weaker. Each of them with capes to represent they are part of the council (cape only shows while they still own that keep and cape is color of the faction). As soon as that keep is lost the buff given to that player is lost, even if the keep is reclaimed they can not get it back.
•Ancestor Moth - Top players on leaderboards (1-6 for each faction depending on how many scrolls they have) in charge of protecting the elder scrolls and get certain passives as a current moth priest while inside the temple/keep which will help defend the scroll, former moth priests would get these buffs while inside them but on a smaller level.. So basically how emperor/former emperor buffs work but on a much much smaller scale and possibly the passives are class based that will impact specific class passives and abilities.

Dark Anchors and Molag bal actually having a presence in Cyrodiil.

•TESO was always advertised as a three faction war but also daedra pouring out and messing *** up at the same time. I think zos should hold true to there statement and add a presence of molag bal in. It would be really neat to see a dark anchor drop down inside a keep in the middle of sieging it or in a epic battle and helping the group that is out numbered and then tying to kill the faction that it helped after the other one was wiped. And these daedra should be no easy dolmen accomplishment but more of the mobs pouring out of the anchors should be as strong as guards. This would add a PvE challenge in PvP and at the end there should be a big boss to kill. During small skirmishes like a 4v4 there should be dark fishers that possibly drop. This should not happen a lot in PvP and should be RNG.
•Make the landscape look more like it was burned to the ground and over ran by daedra. Add random daedra mobs off the roads to a keep. Burnt corpses being hung from keeps, skeletons and bones scatted on the ground, etc.

PvP costumes and armor:

•It would be cool if certain costumes were obtained purely through PvP and getting certain ranks in it. Similar to how you got costumes for veteran rank 2, 6 and 10.
•Former Emperor costume would be really cool. It could look like the emperor costume but blackish and kind of broken/corrupted.
•Would be nice to get really good set pieces like the two piece ones you get from daily undaunted quests. These sets would be unique and take a significant amount of alliance points to buy and require at least rank 10 assault and support to equip.

Small Scale PvP and holy *** items/rewards

•Add dueling- the imperial city is getting an arena I think it would be neat if whatever faction owned that arena could duel with there friends in it in a 1v1, 1v2, 4v4 and up to an 8v8. Players doing the duels from each side can bet money on it and it would add a way to make money through PvP.
•A way through PvP but also doing PvE to get daedric artifacts which will give players who have it a special one piece set bonus. For example; Umbra gives you one soul gem for each person you get a killing blow on, goldbrand adds a 500 fire DoT over 5 seconds to someone, mace of molag bal absorbs 300 health from target and gives it to you every 5 seconds. These are just some examples and I think these buffs/set bonuses should stay 100% single target buffs from preventing OP AoE murdering because of these items. My idea of how these could be added in is that they are inside the imperial city white gold tower guarded by massive daedra bosses and PvP imperial guards (like normal keep guards but more of them). Then you are able to go inside once they are dead (which should take some time to kill them) and they will be kept in an artifact room where you can go grab a (only one per player) artifact and take it, you will keep the artifact until you log out of the game for longer than 30 minuets or leave cyrodiil. As soon as you leave it is returned to the room in the imperial city. There is only one of the artifact per campaign so someone can't take umbra from azuras star and bring it in thorneblade. Only one umbra in thorneblade.

PvE and economy in cyrodiil

•It would be super cool to see guild traders in the imperial city market district and alliance gates.
•Add respec shrines in cyrodiil at the alliance gates.
•Add the actual oblivion map into cyrodiil but keep the PvP and keeps where they are now and all the rest of the map that does not have keeps add public dungeons with story lines and possibly at trial/raids in Cyrodiil at certain spots/towns like southern cyrodiil.

More places for PvP and more NPC life in cyrodiil:

•It would be awesome if there were more places to port to and capture/claim for your alliance. An example would be a way to port to allesia bridge and claim that spot for your alliance. It would add for quicker PvP and big battles. It would be nice if alliances could claim towns for example ebonheart could claim cheydinhall and set up a wayshrine there for people to port to. Then within cheydinhall the justice system would be put into play and players could murder NPCs/steal from them for more smaller scale PvP. Towns could generate alliance points to a whole faction every hour or so for each town they own. So say EP owns cheydinhall the whole faction in the campaign would then get +X AP for owning that town/towns I think more towns/NPC life would make cyrodiil feel more alive as a whole and these towns would almost act as safe havens from the daedric invasions. Also make it possible for players to set up guild traders in towns and players be able to try and repair the town.
•More city life and NPC life - seeing NPC imperial guards riding horses with torches traveling on roads with captured daedra or vise versa. AD/DC/EP groups of guards walking back and forth between keeps they own.

**I know all this stuff would take a *** long time to do, but zos has really only focused on PvE in all the patches so far hopefully when 2.0 - 3.0 they will focus more on PvP and improving it. I know zos has to focus on balance and this and that first but these are my ideas fof CONTENT not PvP balance. REMEMBER these are just my ideas and opinions feel free to tell me if you think I have a completely *** idea or if you agree and some of your ideas. Oh and sorry for the wall of text!**
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  • Lava_Croft
    I want the content currently available in Cyrodiil to actually work as advertised.
  • Manoekin
    I want Postern Houses to actually be useful instead of just something you yell at someone for hitting since it literally adds nothing to the siege.

    My suggestion: make Postern Houses able to be captured like a resource. If you capture that postern then your faction can use the door assuming it's still there. Would add more strategy to sieges and make them worthy of their existence. Honestly I don't even know why there is an oil grate in those things since only the opposing factions can use it effectively because you can't ram a postern door.

    Also as Lava said... things to work/not lag.
    Edited by Manoekin on November 25, 2014 9:52PM
  • Gilvoth
    "What content would you like to see in Cyrodiil?"

    i would like to see dark brotherhood daily quests and questline in cryodiil. including a dark brotherhood sanctuary within cryodiil, and also daily quests to do within cryodiil from the dark brotherhood.
    best in slot: is the armor, weapon, clothing look, pet, or no pet, jewelry, race, class, skill choices, amount of DPS, and skin color best fit to you and the way you wish to play and makes you feel good and performs what YOU think it should be.

    worst in slot: what you read in zone chat, and forum comment, and forum thread, and you tube video, and live streamer advice, and class rep advice, and guild chat advice, and whisper told you to wear, and use for skill, and dress like, and use for weapon and armor.
  • Brank
    I would like to see group leader chat, similar to group chat, except it would be a private channel for group leaders of large (5+ members) groups to communicate via text. I believe this feature would foster squad-based teamwork and more advanced, and coordinated, tactics.
  • kijima
    1. Snipe to be improved, shorter draw time and increased damage
    2. Reflective Scales buff, able to reflect everything in game. Why is this not happening now!
    3. More Lag
    4. DK's to shoot lazers out of their eyes or any other orifice they see fit
    5. More Scrollbacks
    6. Impulse Spam Trains

    Wait.... Just realized that the OP asked 'what would you like to see in Cyrodiil' not what will be in Cyrodiil. My bad...
    Been here since Feb 2014 - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...

  • JaJaLuka
    A small amount of stability (over ANYTHING else)
    Krojick, DC Sorc PC NA
    Milámber, EP Sorc PC NA
    Brunack, EP DK PC NA
    General Mark Shephard, EP Temp PC NA (Worst temp NA XD )
    Krojick Nightblade, DC NB PC NA
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