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New Skill Suggestions and Wish list

o:) I know it's far fetched that ZoS will look at this post and say "HEY put those skills in the game", but here's a thread for wishful thinking. I'm just starting this post to see what skill players would want to add if they had the power to add any skill to the game.

For example: I wish there was a skill that caused AOE confusion that would reverse the direction controls for players affected for 5 seconds. I've seen this in action before and it's overpowered vs the new people that haven't dealt with it a lot but it's just 1 sec of confusion for someone that's dealt with it multiple times. Experienced players will just realize they are going backwards and they are affected by that skill and reverse their control input (up is down and left is right) for 4 sec getting that timing perfect so it doesn't effect their pvp. The skill should have a bit of cool down (1min) so it doesn't drive people nuts.

I loved this because it gives expereinced players an ability to counter with skill and experience vs the new people that have good builds but no skill that will just rage and be confused. This adds a whole new element because people lose their targets and lose focus on healers and healers lose focus on players they're healing; it causes chaos for the people who don't recognize the skill is being used or don't know how to counter it. For Mobs, the skill would just fear them for a couple of seconds.

What would be your idea for a skill? After we get enough skills I was thinking or editing the post and making a vote for which skill people like best.
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  • Excessive_Evil
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to see a class that was specific to ranged.. (like sorcerer is magic based) instead of it being included in the bow line under weapons id like a class that had other attribute lines that could be raised. Like Templar instead of having a healing staff. templar healers have healing light, Adriatic spear, and dawns wrath. Id like a class that has 3 ways u can improve a ranged toon not a vague class like night blade.
  • eserras7b16_ESO
    I would like to see agro control skills. AoE if possible.
    Eptackt - Argonian Templar
    Belegrand - Redguard Nightblade
  • Zimoria
    Soul Shriven
    Who knows what spellcrafting will bring us. If anything, I'd like to see an shrine to (put divines name here) that lets you swap your class skills for a fee.
  • MrGhosty
    I personally would like to see the ability to hybridize your build after reaching at least lvl 50, but maybe max level that allowed you to swap out one or two of your class skill lines with two new lines that borrow thematically from the other classes. The intention being you could make a hybrid class like a DragonNightblade. I don't want the same skills a dragon knight has access to, otherwise you'd just see people building the prime build taking all of the best skills from each class, but rather a skill that still fits the current class but borrows from what those other classes can do.

    Example: Fiery Shadow-Toggle ability that is a mix of dark cloak and fire cloak which trades invisibility for a short dot fire effect and temporary invulnerability. the effect would be part shadow cloak but instead of the black smoke like particles it would be flame. (note: this is not the exact skill I'd want, just an off the top of my head example to explain the premise. But this skill would be pretty cool though :smiley: )

    There could be one themed skill line for each class, so each class would have access to three skill lines. This would allow for greater build flexibility and more replay value in order to try the multiple combinations. It would also address some players concerns over their favorite classes failings. You wouldn't be able to trade out individual skills so if you wanted to take two other lines you would have to give up two of your existing three.

    Other than that I would also love to have a better self heal on my Nightblade to give me a bit more longevity, even if I had to sacrifice some of my burst damage to get it.
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