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Help with a life-draining NB PvP build

Here is what I've come up with so far. My main problem is, I'm completely blanking on what to use the second bar for. Should I make it an AoE bar, or just load it up with skills from the assault and support trees?
Edited by Auber on November 22, 2014 10:42AM
  • Brasseurfb16_ESO
    Going for a lifedrain build isn't going to be very effective for PvP. Any time your ennemies are going to block or use a shield buff, they are going to greatly reduce your heals. Add to that all the healing debuff flying around and you will barely recover any health.

    If you still want to follow that route, restoration staff can help you pump out your surviability and sword&board is a good choice when you need to turtle block with Veil of Blade.
  • Darthryan
    You could go sword and board. Use funnel health and sap. It works ok but you'll be within dk range so you'll get rolled a lot. Our siphoning tree is kinda lame so prepare ti be dissapointed in this endevor.
  • Auber
    Alright, how about this then? I made the first bar solely single target, and the second bar AoE and survivability. Mass hysteria is there to keep people from blocking, and dark cloak should be able to purge most healing debuffs unless I'm mistaken.
  • Chesimac
    Not bad and dont listen to Darthyan as from his knowledge I gather he hasnt pvped recently and seen all the op sap tanks in cyrodiil. Siphoning is a great skill line, and your recent build is decent.
  • Auber
    Thank you, I'm glad to hear it.
  • Spangla
    :) - Sword and Board - drop refreshing path for shades with the two shades morph and drop cloak for siphoning strikes.

    The key to beating a dk is to out last him.

    There are two ways two ways to kill a dk. Burst damage from sneak if hes not expecting it.

    and if that fails - switch to siphoning strikes and kill him the long way.

    Personally I find dk's the easiest 1 v 1 for nb atm.

    Main problem is that it takes so dam long to bring a dk down the long way that usually the fight is ruined by reinforcements from his or your side.
  • Shizashane
    don't forget whichever skill line has siphon strikes also has swallow soul so you get your healing bonus. That necessarily isn't directed towards you but anyone looking for insight on NB builds.
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  • decado0024_ESO
    Just run a simple Bloodmage build and you can tweek it after u get the feel.
    I suggest whitestrakes and seducer unless you can get you hands on warlock accessories. Your going to want sword and board and resto staff as your wpns.

    ambush-surprise attack-sap essence-mass hysteria-impale with bats as ulti

    healing ward-rapid regen-funnel health -dark shades-dark cloak-soul tether.

    That's just a baseline build you can always change things around how you like it. Remember when ur pvping its not so much you damage stats as it is you resource pools and survivability. Wear them down first. Also a little tip I know someone posted about getting close to a DK earlier in the thread. This comment makes me laugh lol. Most DK's are *** and have been at the top of the food chain for too long. They have lost the ability to improvise adapt and overcome. 90% of them are going to hop around like those monkeys from the wizard of oz and cast talons and whip thru perma block. All you have to do is drop dark shades on them and count to ten. Then destroy at your discretion. The dark shades will burn their stam so fast they only option they have is run. Enjoy and happy hunting.
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