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New Player - 36 hours later and still have not played (EDITED - RESOLVED)

Soul Shriven
So I bought the hard copy of the game yesterday. Download all the disks and then patching starts - 12 GB. I'm thinking this is a joke, but whatever - I chalk it up to there's been a lot of content since April. Throughout the download there's these incessant "webget request failed" issues but I pause the DL and restart it and it seems to work itself out. Get the 12gb patch installed and then several small patches followed by - what's that? Another 6gb patch? What madness is this? Who builds a 4 disk hard copy game and just over 8 months into its commercial cycle commits its player base to DL another 18 GB?? But its cool. I hit the patch and say good night. Wake up this morning. Launcher says play. Hit the play button and, yup, Fatal Error 11. Super. Logged a support ticket at 8am est (still not responded to), but hey this cant be that bad I think to myself. Hit the repair button. Internet Insanity - Launcher wants me to download just a tiny 27GB repair patch. That's not how repair patching should work me thinks. NOOPE. Uninstall the game. Reinstal and re download patches through the day. 12GB goes in. Now on to the 6GB - make it through about 1gb and im back to navigating webget request fails. Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? Is this indicative of this game and its developers? Every forum post ive read where devs have jumped in have been - "Hey, sorry to hear you are having issues, did you try the client repair?", and after they never seem to respond or follow up with anything more specific or helpful. I'm really disappointed in the whole process. Big fan of Bethesda and the ES Games for a long time. Heard some mediocre stuff, but been holding off for console but even that looks gloomy so took a shot at PC. I've been nothing but thrilled with the experience.



Last 6GB downloaded and Game is working now - So, that's positive. Played a few hours tonight. Thumbs up.
Edited by Sco77 on November 14, 2014 6:03AM
  • ZOS_GaryA
    @Sco77 Sending you a quick PM for this one. Check your inbox :D
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  • Sco77
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the follow up. Things are resolved and no issues. I've been followed up by 2 members at support - so that's great to see, and helps alleviates my previous concerns. keep up the hard work.
  • andreosokin
    Soul Shriven
    Same problem here!! Why charge your customers if they can't even download your product?
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