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The Blades of the Light [EU / DC]


today I created a small guild of my own. I was really frustrated, that there are always people in chat, looking for a trial group, invite others and then, when they see, the player is inexperienced, just leave the group.

Therefore I want to gather some players, no matter how good or bad you are, to find a group for questing, dungeons or trials.

I expect, that expeerienced players don't just quit the group, but explain the tactics to the lesser experienced players (no TS here).
Whats the problem with doing one testrun before we slay the final boss?
Everyone was a beginner once.

I don't want to make any restrictions to the guild, if you are level 10 I hope you find enough level 10 players, if you are VR level, dito!
I myself only active play with two VR14 characters, but if someone really needs help, I am willing to join your lower level group (as far as the game allows this).

If you are interested in this little project, feel free to write me a PM.

  • wreckingpaul
    Hi is your guild still going it sounds good
  • Cathrin
    Hey there! It is, but it's hard to find other players to join in.
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