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"Legends of the Aldmeri"[NA/AD] PvE/PvP

Soul Shriven
“Legends of the Aldmeri”

Who/what are we?
We are a social group of hard core PvE/PvP’ers dedicated to building a relaxed raiding and PvP environment where everyone is welcome.

What we have to offer

-Weekly Speed runs of AA/Hel Ra every Fri/Sat starting at 7pm est

-Practice runs of AA/Hel Ra throughout the week for those just getting into trials(Regular Sanctum practice runs starting soon)

-Guild PvP events Sun/Wed starting at 8pm Est

-Guild dungeon runs all day Monday

-Full Guild Support in helping you reach all your in game goals

-Monthly Social events(often with prizes) that are completely free for everyone to take part in.

What we expect from you

-We will take anyone at any skill level as long as you have a fun/laid back/social attitude(We don’t require tryouts to join our guild but if you would like to get into trials we ask all members to be open-minded and be open to advice when it is offered.)

-Although it is not required for membership we use Vent for all guild events and recommend all members have it regardless of whether you have a mic or not(Vent is a free to download Voice Comms program)

How do I join?

-If you would like to join you can reply here on the forums or contact @freckinpanda or @Thunderjennings in game
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  • Eirella
    Hi there, I'm very interested in your guild and would like to join. I Pvp pretty much every day and would like to try out trials, but could use some friendly advice. My ign is @JinxyCat. Thanks =)
    (PC/NA) - | @Eirella - formerly @jinxgames | CP 1000+ | Mainly PvPer (EP) | Haxus
  • SirPanda
    Soul Shriven
    Bump, and sent you an invite
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