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group questing guild

Hey all!

Currently looking for an active guild that is open to "hardcore casuals" joining. I'm interested in group content, but regularly only have two or three hours an evening to play (generally 7-10pm est in my case).

As it stands now it's hard to find a group and still have enough time to run the group content I'm interested in, which is mainly vet dungeons and craglorn quests, though I am open to PvP.

I do not have team speak as I usually play in the same room as my wonderful gf, and I'm thankful enough that she doesn't mind that I play, can't start talking over scandal or downton Abby or whatever it is that shes watching :). I know this is a major handicap on my part, but I'm good at the game and take good direction, I can do content without being audibly told what to do.

Hope to hear from y'all!!
  • CaptnCreamsicle
    Our guild, Sanguine Sanguinary, uses Teamspeak but we also have folks who choose not to. You're welcome to join us this Thursday at 8pm est in Craglorn for some questing. Just message me in game @CaptnCreamsicle‌ and I'll get you a group invite. If you want to join after that then I'll add you to the guild. If not then maybe you'll at least get a few group quests knocked out. ☺
    GM NerdSauce
    • Naltarsus - Redguard Sorcerer - Master Crafter, farmer extraordinaire
    • Captn Creamsicle - High Elf Templar - maybe healer some day
    • Catman’Creamsicle - Khajiit Nightblade - Amoral murderer/thief Stamina DPS
    • Har’vathor - Redguard Dragonknight - wanna be Stamina DPS
    • Megan Casey - Highelf Sorcerer - Magicka DPS
    • Fatty Mc’atty - Khajiit Warden (currently Sorcerer for placeholder), Stamina DPS Support
  • Epsilon_Echo
    What faction do you play?
  • mattgbrowneub17_ESO
    Daggerfall Covenant
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