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Puncturing Sweep Patch 1.2.3


i have tested around with the new Morph of Puncturing Sweep today and i like it. I tested this Skill at Coldharbour versus three Level 50 Mobs and it works fine for me, helps to heal without using a Heal.

The Description of this Skill says it heals for 40% of the Damage i have done. If i attack a Group of three Mobs, does it heals then for the Damage i have done to all of them or only the highest hit against one Enemy in this Group?

I try to see a Difference through testing it on myself but i can`t see a clear Line. Maybe someone who works with Addons can post his Experience for this Skill here?

MFG Murmeltier.
Edited by Murmeltier on June 26, 2014 7:47AM
  • grizzbi
    it's 40% of the damage done to all the targets. So it scales with the number of targets which is a good thing!
  • Murmeltier
    Thank you for this Info :) .
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