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RP Guild recruiting

Nightbreeze is recruiting. --- If you're looking for a friendly RP guild this is your new home. We welcome all sorts, from werewolves to even the occasional Altmer. Message me here, or send in game mail or pst to @recreare.
Our website is
  • Thechemicals
    omfg this is what i have been wiating for. I pm'd you!
    Vr14 Templar since release- dual resto
    Vr14 Dk bow/2h

    Brayan Blackthunder
    Daggerfall Covenant

  • IKilled007
    Attention: @Lfehova‌.
    The only substitute for victory is overkill.
  • Soloeus
    Isn't there a guilds section on the forum?

    Within; Without.
  • CapuchinSeven
    Sorry I'm dealing with a really bashed up right eye right now so maybe it's just me but your website makes my head explode.

    Are you EU or US? :)
  • Lfehova
    Doth thou be recruiting an elf of the nightly persuasion? Fie, my blood hath been tainted by curse of the bloodsuckers, yet I still bleed for my dark elf brethren. Anon, we shall commence the purifying ritual to cleanse my blood, ere joining thy guild. Hark! I shall be free.
    Characters: Hovaling/Lfehova/Hova-kun/Hovalicious
    Class: DK/DK/Sorc/Templar
    Guild: No Mercy
    Alliance: Daggerfall

    Characters after rename: BROVALING/Baka-kun/Brovalicious (Lfehova is now a retired DK and spends his days crafting)
  • ZOS_UlyssesW
    Hey, all. We've moved this thread from the General Discussion - English section to the RP Guild Recruitment section. Thanks!
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  • ReCreare
    Sorry for putting this in the wrong spot. I also forgot to mention we're a US DC guild
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