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ZOS, At least get the PvP basics down already....PLEASE

Putting aside still needed balance issues and exploitable stacking of abilities; When will you get the basic game code to function right?????

1. Client server reporting lag, I can always tell when I have no effects on me (that my client is showing me) full or near full magicka, stamina, and health, my buttons are lit I can move but when I press my buttons none of my skill will work. I’m pretty sure the server has already recorded moves against me but hasn’t updated my client and therefore it won’t let me input any commands. In PvP how can I react appropriately if I’m not getting timely information of the game situation?

2. Game crashes they happen 10x- 20x more when I’m on Thronbalde so they are likely due to high populations…. Still.

3. Find a way to get rid of the zergball, the state of PvP servers right is either play on Thron where you are either in a zerg or get run over by a zerg… blah, or play on a server where one side totally dominates in terms of population and again either, you far outnumber your opponent, or they far outnumber you.

I only play this game for PvP and I am getting tired of waiting for the basic functionality to be improved.

FYI My system info:

Windows 7 64-bit
i7 4970K CPU at 4.4Ghz (4cores + 4 hyperthreaded cores)
16GB Ram (DDR3 1866)
780GTX video (played in 1920 x 1080 resolution)
512 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (OS and all game files are on the SSD)
60mb internet connection (speed tested often)
Clean OS install last month lean OS (minimal background programs running)

I’m a long time gamer and system builder I know how to minimize the likelihood of causing problems on my end.
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  • Kevinmon
    make sure you turn off all your add-ons and do a repair of your game


    ZOS Sucks
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