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Damage Shield

Soul Shriven
Hello all! I am curious about damage shields as I have not done much testing and theory crafting with them. How much do they stack and is there a softcap with the damage shield? Are they boosted from magicka and spell damage?

I am curious because I just saw in PvP two sorcs gaining extrordianry value from shields. From my combat log and what I saw them cast, both sorcs used defensive ward and ward ally shields, in addition to harness magicka. I am curious is the ward ally stacks with the self shield(where both players cast ward ally at the same time) I am also assuming that both players used a damage point shield weapon glyph.

Just as a side note as to what brought this curiosity about, was the amount of damage absorption which was stacked up. When coming out of stealth I crit for about 1500 average on players, leaning down to 1000 on most heavy armor DKs. Just from what I saw on my screen and what FTC showed me, I crit on the player for around 1700 damage, none of which even made it into that player's HP. My party member dropped over 6k stamina (through out the duration of the fight) with snipe then repeated poison arrows into the same player. That player did not take ANY of that of damage to his/her HP. After my party of 3 had been wiped we saw some others come up and start attacking. one player used the soul ultimate and once again, the player's HP was not moved at all. Those two players (only using streak and Resto Staff HE) wiped my party of 3, and 4 out of 7 others that came along after before suddenly dropping dead from large hits(looked like about 1k the entire length of both fights together was about 10 minutes).

So anyway, This fight really got me thinking about shield stacking and how little I actually know about it. I would really appreciate any information people have to offer.

EDIT: I just confirmed that that this person is known to use the mistform exploit so I am chalking it up to that...though any ideas on a damage point shield build would still be welcomed!
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  • Lionxoft
    Damage shields for the most part are scaled off of magicka but there are a few that don't. Shield stacking works first in and first out. It's quite possible to make a shield stack that is over 3100+ HP.

    Annulment: Magicka
    Hardened Ward: Magicka
    Healing Ward: Magicka
    Sun Shield: Health
    Obsidian Shield: Health
  • Brasseurfb16_ESO
    I ended up in a similar fight, engaged a lonely sorcerer and dropped him down to 10% health. He shielded himself totaly, healed himself in a matter of seconds (with the 50% healing debuff from Soul Harvest) and proceeded into beating my character by holding block while using Daedric Curse and instant Cristal Shards.

    I tried to escape with Cripple + Retreating Maneuvre + Bow Dodge Roll (thats 83% extra run speed) while sprinting with 7pcs of Medium Armour, all the guy needed to use was his Bolt Escape to catch me up and he finished me off with a couple of Mage's Fury.

    Didn't stood a chance after my initial assault.
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  • Stx
    I am almost certain that there is some sort of bug that is allowing players to take much less damage than intended due to shield stacking. I don't know if it is from Annulment(although i don't see how, as I only attack with physical and poison attacks).

    I too have experienced Sorcerers abusing this mechanic, and even though Templars and Dragon Knights also have access to strong damage shields, its only Sorcerers that I have seen abuse shield stacking.
  • kkravaritieb17_ESO
    So now 2 shields stacking is abusing/exploiting? You nerfed bolt escape now you want to nerf shields too? Lol. Maybe sorcs should just stand still while being ganked by nb's. You re probably doing something wrong because i have seen some very awesome nightblades being able to gank me with both shields up, so i suggest stop whining and learn to play your class.
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  • guybrushtb16_ESO
    What you are describing is an issue with harness magicka specifically, not with shields in general. Currently, the shields mechanics stack if cast over each other, meaning that any other shield cast over harness magicka will retain the -50% damage and magicka absorb as long as you refresh the shield over it.

    The other weird thing with shields is that apparently they block crits for no reason. This is hardly an issue in pvp since impen already takes care of that, but I don't see why it should work that way.

    Those should be changed of course, but overall, damage shields in general are a perfectly fine gameplay mechanic if not plagued by weird "features" like this.
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