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NOOB vs Molag Bal... HELP!

Okay...Vet 1 vampire Sorc. 5 pieces Vampire's Kiss Set, 3 Song of Lamae. All purples and blues. Light Armor, Resto Staff and Destruction Staff of Flames.
Bar 1 I have Crystal Blast IV, Elusive Mist IV, Invigorating Drain IV, Silver Shards III, Unstable Clanfear IV, and for my Ult: Devouring Swarm IV. This is all with my Dest. Staff.
Bar 2 I have Blessing of Protection IV, Bound Armor II, Healing Springs I, Mutagen I, and Silver Shards III and again my Ult is Devouring Swarm IV.
I was running Night's Silence and lesser staffs the first time I took a run at him and I ROFLstomped all the mobs between me and him...and then he proceeded to just destroy me over and over and over. Couldn't kite him to save my life...literally. Finally gave up and when I came back for a 2nd try... I no longer had the nifty special armor the quest gives you and I could not open the entrances I needed to in order to get to Molag Bal. Seems like the quest was bugged?

So my question is twofold... did anyone else have a problem with getting the quest to function properly on a second try? And...assuming I CAN get back to Molag Bal...how the heck do I defeat this jerk??? This is SOOO frustrating!!!! Suggestions/strats/encouragement please?
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  • Yusuf
    Critical Surge, have this up all the time and you will heal by dealing damage (you need a high crit-rating though, so try to have "inner light" active).
    When his adds shoot their projectiles, just block and they will be reflected.
    If you're on your own, try to have Overload on one Ultimate-Slot: It can be toggled and you can benefit from every extra ultimatepoint, at vr12 a normal light-attack does 730 on my sorc and if it crit 1100 and i can have up to 1000% of it ready. It even provides you with yet ANOTHER ability bar where you can put 5 entirely different skills depending on the situation and you will never stop dealing damage even when you're out of magicka.

    Bottomline: Have a high crit-rating, use critical surge and try to do a combination of a powerfull singletarget-spell + crystal FRAGMENTS (it has a 30%-chance for instant-cast and half the cost, you couldn't care less about the little aoe).

    Good luck :)
  • MornaBaine
    So I have no Storm Calling to speak of, only level 27 there. So won't using any of those abilities, even if I respec, not be very effective? I went primarily Dark Magic and maxxed it.
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

  • ZOS_UlyssesW
    Hi there, folks.
    We're going to close this thread so that the conversation can continue in the much larger thread here.
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