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Is there a simple guide to theorycrafting available?

I'm fairly new to MMOs, and thoroughly enjoying ESO. I have become fascinated by the in-depth discussions in this forum on character builds and classes. I've read some of the postings on the magicka vs stamina controversy, and looked with interest on recommendations on builds for each of the classes in this game. The problem I'm having is that some of the terminology is puzzling to me, and it prevents me from understanding the point that the poster is trying to make. There are just so many "crits", "procs" and "ticks" I can take before my eyes start to glaze over.

To cut to the chase: I don't want to get a Phd in theorycrafting, but I'd like to know enough to intelligently decipher what these very dedicated players are trying to say. I mean, I'm just like any other player - curious about the potential of my characters, and seeking ways to optimize their effectiveness in the game.

So, can anyone point me to a web resource to learn the ins and outs of theorycrafting? Or might there be some guru out there who would kindly post a guide?

Thanks! :)
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    Best site I have found for theory crafting (enjoy the hours you will waste reading, I know I did)
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