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Keyboard keys freeze/lag. Mouse+everything good.

This issue has gotten worse since last patch it seems. Randomly or after hitting keys quickly in combat or so, I lose keyboard controls it seems roll dodge(Bound to A) is only thing that works. Some times weapon swap(Bound to W) works, mouse works fine. I mash keys until suddenly regain control.

After last patch its same but I have been unable to regain control with out relogging. With roll dodge, weapon swap, and mouse only working. Some times its a little frequent 20min or so other times not so much.

Wife has similar rig w/ same keyboard+mouse *with out* this problem. Drivers etc should be up to date. I remaped most of my key binds. Also had issue with and with out addons. Happens very random though I could be questing and combat no prob for an hour then stop in town run strait try to strafe then keys freeze up.

Also Wife and I Love ESO, its damn awesome not may problems aside of few known quest bugs but no big deal.
  • Patros
    What keyboard is it, model and name? Dxdiag only tells me it's Logitech and may or may not be wireless. If it indeed is wireless then it could be a battery or signal interference issue.

    But could of course be something totally different.

    If your wife uses the same keyboard you could try switching keyboards, just to rule out a hardware defect with the keyboard.

    In case it's a special gaming keyboard the logitech game detection might be not working properly.

    My other guess would be that you accidentally hit some kind of key combination or special function key by Mistake. Or that the game has problems with changed WASD - bindings or the client can't communicate with the server...

    It's hard to say without details.

    So in short, possible causes that come to mind:
    • Batteries (wireless)
    • Signal interference (wireless)
    • Cable damaged (wired)
    • Keyboard defect
    • Faulty game detection software
    • Accidental combination or function toggle
    • Keylogger ^^
    • Programs running in background
    • Client error
    • WiFi Network packet loss? oO

    Most of these points can be ruled out by switching keyboards.

    Good luck.
  • Elf_Boy
    I sometimes get the same kind of thing... I have found that even if I have a mob tab targeted if it isnt in the middle of my screen my powers will grey and act like I dont have a valid target.

    Next time it happens try moving such that it forces your target to the middle of the screen.
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  • jpatek0501ub17_ESO
    Thanks for suggestions guys=) Checked most of your list only WiFi packet loss, not sure how to check. I have wireless Logitech M15, charged and messed w/ driver/software. Killed any running programs not needed.

    Cant really figure out what happens with the randomness, I have no game lag i can still light/heavy attack w/ mouse and roll dodge(Now that I think about it I believe I only roll backward with out pressing a direction.) weapon swap may or may not work.

    Recently I cant get moving again unless I log out to character select and re-enter, before I could spam weapon swap+others n fix. Then good too go for unknown period. I can finish off enemy with heavy attack or light roll back or block, Ill mash weapon swap till it works maybe. when it works if I keep mashing it w/ roll dodge and mix of other keys It may just start working smooth then run off on my way. or I stay locked usually rolled into wall stuck unable to roll anywhere else and re-log.
  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there @jpatek0501ub17_ESO,

    We're very sorry to hear about your control woes, hopefully we can get them resolved for you!

    @Patros has an excellent suggestion of swapping keyboards with the wife to see if that helps. Did you give that a shot by chance, and what were the results?
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