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Heavy Armor & 2H?

What class would you recommend for using Heavy Armor and Two-Handed weapon?

Im looking for a class that has good synergies for massive 2h hits and good survivability, preferly in ways of healing yourself.

My main choice right now stands between a DK and a NB.
Sorcerer would be interesting but i would be forced to use medium armor for that.
Im not really interested in a templar atm :)
  • TheBull
    Two handers just don't hit hard enough w/o crit. I run a 2h build on my NB in medium with about 55% crit. It's devastating if I'm not focused. I can get to around 40% crit with a decent heavy armor build, but again the non-crit dmg is just not enough to kill.

    That being said NBs have 0 survivability even in heavy armor. We have no heals or shields. DK will give you less burst, but NBs have nothing to compare with the DKs sustain/survivabilty.

    So, if you can get your DK to 50% crit, it's a no brainer sadly :(
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  • Nestor
    Scora wrote: »
    My main choice right now stands between a DK and a NB.

    I ran a HA 2H NB for a while. He soon got respecced to MA 1H/S Bow. Then the Bow got replaced with a Destro Staff. However I use the Destro Staff for AoE since I have not selected DW. I really do use the Sword and Board 90% of the time.

    NB's are doing more damage lately, and are much more viable playing them closer to form (Sneaking around, and getting in surprise attacks with a sword for nice Criticals).

    Now, my DK is a HA 1H/S wade into the thick of things and wail type of character. He does very well at this. In fact, I just noticed this weekend that he has no secondary weapon developed, at all. Not even any skill points assigned in other weapon skills. I need to get something for him for distance attacks besides the fiery whip thing, but he is all about getting the face of the mobs.

    I like the idea of 2H, all my other TES Games are ran with 2H. I just can't make it viable in this game. It's probably the speed of the weapon. Plus, the extra Health or Mana or Stamina you can get on a Shield with a Glyph is not something be overlooked.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Armitas
    Here are the advantages of DK for a 2H.

    Dragon Knight
    *Lots of Fire damage which can snyc with 2H arcane fighter passive and allow you to more easily run a "burning" dot along with a "poison" dot if you enchant your weapon with poison.

    *Igneous Weapons - extra weapon damage. Another source of fire damage.

    *Unstable Flame - Nice lengthy dot to run behind the slow attack speed of the 2H

    *Kindling Passive - +66% more damage from burning effect, why synergizes with 2H arcane fighter passive.

    My NB isn't high enough to speak from experience and so my list may be missing some key bonuses.


    * Incapacitate - 30% attack speed and 12% more heavy attack damage. If it works it helps overcome the 2hands greatest weakness...attackspeed.

    *Mark Target - ignore 75% of targets armor.

    *Hemorrhage - Critical strike bonus (really uses that high weapon damage)

    *Refreshing Shadow - Passive stamina recovery

    *Master Assassin - Improved damage from stealth allowing for massive 2h damage from stealth.
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    Nord mDK
  • tiamak
    My main is a DK with 2H weapon. He wears 4 pieces of heavy armor, 2 light and 1 medium (the latter two for levelling the skill lines). Eventually, I will wear 4 heavy and 3 light. I like the Ashen Grip set and distribute it on the heavy armor and the weapon.

    In PvE (VR1), survivability is no problem at all. I use Brawler after opening the fight with Burning Talons and then Burning Breath. If things turn out to be hard, the Green Dragon Blood is excellent for restoring health and stamina while Fragemented Shield and Magma Shell give damage shields and reduce incoming pain.

    In PvP, I often kiss the dirt. That might be due to my build, but it might also be the case that I simply stink at PvP.
  • Resueht
    My main is a MA 2H Sorc.

    It doesn't make sense but I have lots of fun with it. I did it mostly for the summoning skill tree for the bound armor and the familiars. I don't mind the 20% magicka drop since I don't need it for skills. The MA provides decent stamina recovery since I only use 2H skills in between light attacks.

    Probably not the most efficient build but it works for me since I solo a lot.

    Edit: I should add that I don't do great burst DPS, but I do have decent damage mitigation so fights take a little longer for beefy enemies but I can take the blows.
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  • Howl
    Try Templar in medium armour.

    Between Brawler and Blazing Shield you can just chew through trash packs easily with little risk. With 1h/s on a secondary bar you can pop down Rune Focus, Radiant Aura and tank it up if needed.
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