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Bad customers?

Anyone have these, how do you deal?

I do all 6 crafts but have never sold my stuff, I have made a few sets for friends and my wife and my guild uses our bank to trade traits for research so we all keep that stocked up.

But this weekend a couple of us decided to craft a bunch of the special sets, make them purple and just dish them out for free in lower level areas.... We specifically said people had to be below a certain level as we wanted it to be for people who needed a boost.

Mostly this went well and hopefully a few people are kicking some booty with their new toys... But there was one buy who messaged saying he want such and such a set, so I said come and get it then but turns out he was much higher level... So to cut a long story short he says he wants to give the set to a friend... I hold firm as I want to gibe this set to someone directly so he offers to buy it. i refuse again but say is he wants a set I will make one to order once we are done with the give away.

So he specifies a set and the bits he wants, agrees a price for purple level and I go off make it and send it COD... and then I get nothing... no response at all...

Is this sort of thing common when you do this stuff?
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Legio Mortuum
  • Nazon_Katts
    Depends a bit on how long ago you sent that COD mail. Not everyone logs in daily or even weekly. And then there's of course those kind of folks that take enjoyment out of letting such mails rot in there inbox. Eventually, it'll be returned, so other than time you haven't wasted much.

    And it's a rather common tactic of resellers. Buy cheap COD, go to Craglorn and spam with markup and only retrieve the item when there's a buyer and profit.
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  • JessieColt
    The user may have already logged out by the time you got the set created and mailed to him.

    User sent mail should be returned to you after 3 days if the buyer does not accept the mail and pay the COD fee.
  • Tavore1138
    I got the mail back after the time out.

    The frustration with this is I did not want to sell this person anything in the first place, I was simply giving away some sets for free in low level areas as a sort of 'do random nice things for strangers' thing.

    He approached me and went into a lot of detail about what was wanted. I don't generally craft for pay so I did it as a favour at a price that would not cover me even buying the materials. He agreed the price and has been on multiple times since as I have seen him. And then I get stiffed for the whole thing.

    Not exactly filling me with a love of my fellow humans.

    Anyway... deep breath... move on...
    GM - Malazan
    Raid Leader - Hungry Wolves
    Legio Mortuum
  • Isibis
    Sorry to hear you ran into a rotten apple. They are not super common, but I always prefer to deliver sets in person. Especially if you are giving them for no profit, it is acceptable for them to meet you where you are.
  • Artemiisia
    there is always sadly rotten apples between the bunch

    great hearing though, how you were doing these great deeds, some people always gets surprise when it happens, and extremely grateful.

    had a great run yesterday with dungeons lower levels, one of the members in my group, she never had a blue drop yet, and didnt get any from our 3 normal dungeons runs.

    so I decided to go on my main and make her a full set of blue gear, just for fun and to surprise her :)
  • MercutioElessar
    Is this sort of thing common when you do this stuff?

    Experienced it once.
    Since then, I charge a 50% fee in advance for higher quality sets. Works fine so far.
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