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Howling in Rage over Werewolf Transformation Glitch

Poor @Attorneyatlawl‌ can't catch a break.


I'll let him fill in the details, I just had to share the screenshot.
Thank Stendarr it’s Fredas.
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  • Attorneyatlawl
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    Haha, yeah :D, I wanted to grab the dye but it seems the ZOS gods did not want me to after I was saying to a guildmate that it wouldn't take me too too long. :p

    I tried two different zones tonight including coldharbour and crimson cove, every time I build ultimate (800) for werewolf transform unmorphed rank 1, then punch it while being sure I'm not about to be power attacked/etc after weakening some mobs, it has the bug for me :(. I built ultimate 8 times or so between the two areas I tested in and had the bug occur every attempt to transform.

    It takes my ultimate properly, does the darkening screen transition which then goes away, and I go into that animation pose and nothing further happens except I'm in that pose permanently to myself and am snared until I logout or zone. My ability bar never changes, nor do I gain the werewolf swipe light attack or XP for werewolves for finishing off mobs. Tested on both VR3 and L45 monsters.

    The character in question is "Please Don't Nerf Me", an imperial dragonknight, should the devs want to see any internal data. I won't be respeccing inside of the next couple of days and will update this post if I do. :)

    EDIT: Respeccing tonight methinks... just to keep this up to date. Might try werewolf again a moment after, to see if that fixes the bug or not.
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