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Should animal mobs be leveled up?

I noticed that the "animal mobs" that our out there seem to be fairly low level creatures, which would be fine if you didn't have "Hunters". I think the animals should be leveled up or at the very least given some sort of advantage to non hunter character's. That way hunting would be a more valuable job.
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Should animal mobs be leveled up? 9 votes

Level those mofo's up, and give them perks to destroy non hunter characters.
Level up the animals but no perks
Give perks to hunter character's only that help them kill animal's easier
Leave the animals and the hunter's alone
RohneDiviniusRatatouilleRune_RelicBleakravenAlexDoughertyTarukmocktoAthas24Pele 9 votes
  • Rune_Relic
    Leave the animals and the hunter's alone
    I like the idea but don't think its viable.
    Currently all the wolves are cloned for instance.
    They are all exact copies of just one type of character.
    If you start making some then need multiple characters.
    These new characters take extra time to create, load and program.

    So on principle I have no objection....I just think it would take away computing power that would be better served elsewhere considering the lag issues we already suffer.
    Edited by Rune_Relic on August 29, 2014 9:12AM
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  • AlexDougherty
    Leave the animals and the hunter's alone
    There are plenty of high level animals in the zones, I just spent a hour with as many bears per square foot and there were wolves in the starter zones, the animals are fine.
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  • HeroStomp13
    The animals are not really my concern, there is a crafting system, there are hunters, I just think that it would help keep people from grinding on the wildlife is all.
    May the Night Mother watch over you.
    I was one of the original "HeroStomp"s my number is 13
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