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Questions about melee skills and weapons mana use.

All of my characters have been using either the destruction or restoration staff, and I know these abilities use magic, but I was planning to create a NB or DK character using a Sword /Shield Combo and Double Wield combo

Do all of the Sword Shield Combo and Double Wield weapon trees strictly use magic or stamina, or is it a combination of both?

What about the NB and DK skill lines: magic, stamina, or a combination of both?
  • Thejollygreenone
    Whatever an ability costs to cast is the stat it uses to calculate damage, if that's your question. Therefore, all abilities that cost stamina to use and deal damage, will deal damage based off of how much stamina you have and one other factor.

    So all your 1h/shield and dw and fighters guild abilities will all cost stamina and calculate damage using your max stamina. There are no abilities that use a combination of stamina and magicka, btw.

    Staff weapon tree abilities all cost magicka and calculate their effectiveness using max magicka. All class abilities, even if they require melee range, cost magicka to use, and therefore use magicka to calculate damage.

    Once again, sorry if that wasn't your question. It wasn't too clear to me, so I just tried to answer the best I could ^.^
  • RSram
    Thanks, you did answer my question clearly.
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