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Enchanting Guide.

I decided to start working on enchanting. Is there any advice or something that would help me progress faster? (Dense node locations, leveling guides, etc)
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  • Black_Wolf88
    The best option is to wait until patch 1.4 before you do any enchanting training. The experience you gain from deconstructing and creating glyphs will increase a lot in that patch. its assumed to arrive on live servers around 3-4 weeks from now.

    collect all runes you find and all glyphs from chests and drops until patch 1.4 goes live. essence and aspect runes can be found in all zones, however, potency runes lvl increase with the zone as materials for clothing, woodworking and blacksmithing does.

    first, collecting lots of glyphs from drops and then deconstructing them will give you lots of lvl and xp, then you can go and use runes to create glyphs if you want to.
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  • Ourorboros
    The link above should be all you need to know. The Roost is a good place to farm runes. Since you're AD they will be low level.Try Craglorn for vet level runes.
    • Having a trading partner is essential. Decon on crafted glyphs gives MUCH higher inspiration.
    • Use Jejota and Denata aspect runes. Ta does not give enough ISP, and Rekuta and Kuta a bit too valuable for leveling. Save the Ta for later...I'm selling a crapload of glyphs from them in guild stores to peeps who are trying to buy their way to level 50.
    • Use the highest level potency runes you can. Be sure to add skill points as soon as you can to reach next tier of runes.
    • Be sure to learn EVERY rune. You get massive ISP from learning new runes.
    • Decon all the looted glyphs you get. Every little bit of ISP helps.
    • Chests are a good source of white glyphs, in addition to combat.

    Lucky you, potency runes now stack to 100...they used to clog bag and bank because they only stacked to 20.
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  • Kuratla
    Denatas are the best aspect runes to use to rank up enchanting when you factor in the cost / availability of the runes compared with the amount of inspiration you get.

    Tas and Jejotas really give a tiny bit of inspiration while Rekutas only give a bit more than Denatas but cost a lot more and much rarer to find.

    If I were you, I'd spend time both looking for aspect runes and trying to buy cheap denata runes in guild stores and zone chat. Get as much as you can but don't use them until patch 1.4. Enchanting is going to get easier with the patch so it would be a waste to use all your runes now.
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