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Vampire's Kiss 5/5

Does anyone know if Vampire's Kiss 5/5 Bonus ("Killing an opponent heals you for 336 over 8 seconds") stacks, or does it reset the timer, or just do nothing if you've already killed someone? ie. Killing 5 guys in 5 seconds, am I going to heal for 336 total, or like 1680?

  • smee_z
    Every kill you get the heal. Don't see a cool down in the set bonus. This set suits Nightblades really well.
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    Games are meant to be played.

    Back in Auriel's Bow 1.0, I have thought that the best way to handicap a faction with the HUGE pop advantage is to temporarily disable their grouping functionality and their ability to fight in 3rd person point of view! Let's see if these do not even up the odds.
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