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How amazing is this game :) and Trails vs Raids in other mmo

I love this game, and already subbed for 6 months in early release free time, and will re-sub for 6 months again, its just such an amazing masterpiece, yeah sure there is bugs and such, which mmo dont have that.

The level of content and the constant new releases keeps this game fresh 'n' fun, and im a sucker for mmo, that has huge maps with fun/difficult and special quests (need more of these). My travels through Tamirel truly has keept me awake at odd hours, just the way its build, how it looks its just truly beautiful.

Right now the trails is setup so its all about doing it the fastest, which is great im on one of the best trail teams in Europe, 9:32 min for AA, so its not because I dont like them, I freaking love erm. Though im sitting here right now re-downloading Age of Conan due to one thing only, that I miss still in ESO, thats the Raids, where they are so amazing and super difficult (read tier 3-5) that our guild were spending hours in there, having super fun killing the endgame bosses. Sometimes we had events where we did drunken tier 3 raids, that was freaking awesome.

So I hope that ESO somehow in the future also will make, not trails, but raids where it actually requires tactics, with like puzzles and such, while some in the raid needs to kill mobs, and others need to reset puzzles and other fun things, in order to beat the big bad boss.
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  • montgomery.luke07b16_ESO
    I agree wholeheartedly I played from early access to a month in and quit due to work constraints. I resubbed about a month ago and have been enthralled by what I've experienced. I'm taking my time leveling and so far have had some of the best moments in an mmo yet.

    This game is everything I've waited for since playing daggerfall all those years ago!
    By Hircine's hand i mark thee!
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