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Eclipse morphs

Can't find this info anywhere...

1. Does Unstable Core do damage to the person you cast the spell on?
2. Is the damage reduction of the other morph really all that significant?

Trying to figure out which is best, but searches are giving me no info at all and I am sick of resetting my skill points figuring this crap out.

I am also a bit frustraded trying to put together a dps build for my templar because of the whole spell/physical and spell/weapon crit debacle. Puncturing sweep is mitigated by armor and doesn't scale with spell crit, yet everything else does. stupid...

Can anyone help me figure out a good single target dps build and skills that might synergize. I read that solar flare isn't even worth taking the time to cast, and so that leaves spamming two abilities/
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  • timidobserver
    If this is for PVE, I am not even sure if Eclipse works on bosses given that it can be broken like a CC and CC cannot be applied to bosses. I've never tried it, but I am sure that someone that has will respond to me confirming whether it can or cannot be used on them.

    If it can even be used on bosses, you'd probably gain significant damage on bosses like the Varlariel if there isn't already DK using reflect. If a DK is using reflect on an enemy that has eclipse on it, I am not sure what happens or who would get credit for the reflected damage.
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  • Troponin
    The eclipse part is for PvP. You are correct, I get an immune message when I try to use it on bosses.

    The dps part is for PvE. Should have clarified that, sorry
  • ThatHappyCat
    Yes, Unstable Core deals damage to the target.

    The debuff from Total Dark is not incredibly significant, but then again Unstable Core's damage is pretty lackluster too so. Either works.

    Solar Flare is alright, it takes as long to cast and deals as much damage as Crystal Shards. In PvP however you're likely to get interrupted before it goes off, and unlike Crystal Shards you can't morph it to be instant-cast; Which means you'll probably use it as an opener and not much more than that.
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