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Can't Find Groups For VR Dungeons

Is anyone else struggling to find groups for the VR dungeons?

Trying to do the first three for the achievements, and can't find groups. Tried group finder, zone chat, and messaging all guilds. This seems to be true regardless of what times I login.

On the rare occasion I do find a group, it's generally too difficult for pug to handle. Not sure why I'm paying monthly for content I'm unable to reasonably do.

Something needs to change.
Edited by Faustes on July 26, 2014 11:58PM
  • Faustes
    I see why no one does VR dungeons unless high VR with organized group. Did FG with a pug VR4, 4, 1, 1, and got to Gamyn after many wipes, but couldn't get past her.
    Edited by Faustes on July 27, 2014 12:58AM
  • Magdalina
    Er, I know exactly how you feel, but I hope they don't nerf vet dungeons for the sake of PUGs. This is fun challenge and it is exactly where it should be(aside from all the bugs).

    Only advice I can think of is join a guild. Teamwork is of extreme importance there and chances of getting it in pug are not super high.

    Try finding a nice friendly non elitist guild(I assure you those do exist) or just getting some friends to run with.

    Me, I hate running with pugs, I'd rather not run at all. I've met some extremely nice people over the course of leveling tho and now we run together(tho we are still lacking a permanent tank>.<). This is great fun^_^ Just yesterday we ran Spindle without a single wipe and Fungal hardmode.

    If by extremely lucky chance you happen to share the server and alliance with me, contact me in game and maybe I'll be able to help. ^^
  • Natjur
    What roll are you marking yourself for when queuing for vet group runs?
    When I mark myself as tank/healer, I get a group in about 5 mins. If I am marked as DPS only, I never get a group.

    I guess there must be 20 dps in the queue for every tank\healer.
  • Bandras
    If you are on the EU server and need a healer you can always send me a tell. I am game for all the vet dungeons, quests etc.

    I like doing these and I would gladly help to complete them.

    IGN: Bandras
  • Cody
    something needs to be done. making a "random" option would help, as a lot of people could use one queue to do them all.
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