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Group Search - next to useless

On the few occasions when I've been able to use group search, I've liked it. But it's INCREDIBLY annoying that it will ONLY find dungeons for your specific character level.
I wanted to find a group to do a dungeon. I had JUST leveled up. Now I can't pick that dungeon. All I can do is hope to group with people. Maybe send out zone requests and cross my fingers.
It really should just let me pick whatever dungeon I want. I missed a few lower level ones & now I can't find people to do them with me. It just really bites. It's a good tool, poorly executed.
  • Traugar
    Soul Shriven
    Why would it let you select a low level dungeon? That would essentially be allowing you to queue up to run people through. Personally, I prefer everyone in a dungeon be of an appropriate level.
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