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Major food problems

Food used to be one of the best things in the game. The recent 'rebalancing' has made food last much longer. However it would be nice if you could be able to stack 3 foods. Say magic, health and stamina if you choose, or recharge 1 stat while buff health. When you go to a dungeon food is the main way you can buff the levels. See my discussion on the Wayside Sewers dungeon. Will there be plans to fix food? How will the food dynamic change? Currently lower levels of food are balanced as you can make certain levels of food and it takes time to level them up to create a higher food. This helps balance the food already. When you can't eat that much food. The need and demand goes down for the economy.

  • CoolsHisHands
    There are higher tier foods and drinks that buff all three stats, so they're not going to make food stack with food or drinks stack with drinks.

    Personally, I don't like the idea of foods stacking with drinks. Having to make trade-offs depending on the situation or your playstyle is a good thing and keeps the game challenging and interesting. Right now though, the benefits for eating food far outweigh the benefits of drinks, so there's hardly any demand for high level drink recipes or stacks of the product. This just doesn't seem right, indicating a balancing issue with food/drink.
    Cools-His-Hands - Argonian Extraordinaire - Legend Gaming Webmaster
  • siledre
    they do have plans to make it so you can have a food and a drink stat at the same time.
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