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The Legend of The Time-Traveling Hero (Short Fan Fiction + Custom Music)

Soul Shriven
Made this song and fan fiction in a few hours.

This fan fiction + song tells the story of a mysterious hero, from an era different from yours and mine, who travels through time with what they say is "...the power of an Elder Scroll itself."

During the first invasion of Tamriel by the Akaviri nation of Tsaesci in the First Era, a traveling priest by the name of Filnus Lornril recorded text of his year accompanying an unknown hero that he met who was "...bound with the power of an Elder Scroll." The text also reads of the hero's testaments and that the hero was on an "...infinite quest across time to ensure the safety of Nirn herself." The time-traveler was currently in the First Era to ensure that Reman Cyrodiil, would succeed in his efforts of defeating the snake-like Tsaesci in the Akaviri Trouble of 1E 2703 and become the legendary ruler of the Second Empire. Reman would also institute the rites of Emperor for the first time and bring together the divided factions to make Cyrodill what it is today.

Filnus Lornil's year long adventure ends in his writings after the hero: praises their friendship, gives one last good bye, for the first time reveals the scroll to Filnus, and then finally uses its power in his presence. Filnus never saw the hero again, and could no longer recall the hero's name or find it in his writings, but he understood the consequences of such power, and did not mourn the loss of his friend. He spread word of the time-traveler throughout Tamriel until his death in 1E 2733.

Imperial scholars say various scrolls from the First Era that talk of a similar traveler have had no witness testaments or evidence. They also debate whether or not knowledge of the hero's achievements, which could have taken place as early as the Merethic Era, had also been erased from history by the hero himself. The only text that remains are the scrolls of Filnus Lornil, as well as his testaments made to an Imperial scholar when he donated the scrolls. Although there are multiple legends and theories on the hero's origin and current whereabouts, they all agree that the hero has had " of the most significant as well as unknown impacts on the mortal plane as we know it."

Research suggests that the traveler has become a permanent assistant to the divines, and infinitely travels through time, ensuring the safety of Nirn from the shadows.

Edited by djemergenc on July 31, 2014 9:19PM
  • TheAmu
    Did you compose the music? It was epic.

    Will we learn more about the Time Traveler of Tamriel in future stories? I'm all curious now.
  • djemergenc
    Soul Shriven
    TheAmu wrote: »
    Did you compose the music? It was epic.

    Will we learn more about the Time Traveler of Tamriel in future stories? I'm all curious now.
    Sorry for the late reply, yes I composed the music. I have a deep love for the scrolls and the epicness of its history and I was simply up late one night.

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