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Unlikely things to hear in Tamriel...

Here's a few one liners, in "Mock the Week" style, written by members of <Ginger Step-Children> and compiled by myself ;

"Before we go adventuring, can we just stay here and listen to the bard sing Red Diamond again?"

"Razum-dar is over-rated!"

"This Orsimer love poetry is SO romantic!"

A Khajiit: "This one tastes like chicken."

An Argonian: "Hic, I've been at the sap and am a little Hist."

A Nord: "This crisp-fruity Chardonnay is far better than mead!"

A Bosmer: "Tofu is GREAT!"

An Altmer: "Do I look rugged and manly in this outfit?"

A Redguard: "I have a better beard than Sai Sahan."

A Dunmer: "But I chose this race because I wanted to be all sparkly in the sunlight with a mono-brow."

An Orsimer: "Damn! I've gored my pullover, AGAIN!"

A Breton: "Thank goodness for our passives, else no one would play us!"

An Imperial: "Lets stop our world domination expansion plans and start a commune."

"No, fellow player, I clearly saw you were fighting those creatures to get to the ore node. Please, go ahead!"

"There's a huge talent pool of voice-acting in this game, I am sure they even got Stephen Hawking to do some of the Argonians."

"Just look at all the inventory space I have!"

I am sure there will be more in the comments. :smile:
Thank you for reading.
" Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those Nirnroot stop screaming, won't you?"
  • Araflin
    "Do you think the Dwemer disappeared because Steam offered them cheaper Pocket-Oblivion real-estate and a vanity pet?"
    " Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those Nirnroot stop screaming, won't you?"
  • UlanX
    Altmer: No, I don't believe in racial supremacy at all.

    Nord: That Ancient Elven armour screams 'Masculine'.

    Dunmer Vampire players: What's a Drow?
    Because swimming in full plate makes perfect sense...
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