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resto staff info please.

Can somebody teach me about resto staffs. Im new to mmo,s, and usually use a destro staff. I know they heal, but do they attack as well. What else do I need to know?
  • Lynx7386
    Your light and heavy attacks with a restoration staff are the same as with a lightning staff - light attack is a quick burst/pellet of energy, heavy attack is a channeled damage beam over a few seconds.

    The Resto staff on its own does not heal anything, only the active spells in the tree do any healing.

    Heavy attacks with the Resto staff restore 10% of your magicka bar, but the full attack channel duration has to finish for that to happen - partial heavy attacks will not restore magicka, and if the target dies before the attack finishes it won't work either.
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  • Armitas
    Your class skills and magic skills, like those from the mages guild, can take advantage of the restoration staff passive "Cycle of life" (10% more damage based on health). Many players actually use the restoration staff as their main dps weapon for this reason.

    Class abilities and spells use Spell damage (and magicka) to increase their power. Spell damage is very difficult to increase so having "cycle of life" work on your class skills can be very helpful.

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  • lycanslerwb17_ESO
    Thank you
  • dylanjaygrobbelaarb16_ESO
    You also do 10% more damage(meaning also your class guild skills) with restore equipped if your health is full. A lot of DPs use restore staff for this reason. My Templar is DPs or healer. I use restore for both because the damage skills I use are class abilities so the10% damage from restore staff is a big boost.
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