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Resto Staff Healing Dragonknight

Friend of mine is doing this, so far it's working very good.

I know powers he has are Grand Healing with the Healing Springs upgrade, Regeneration with the Mutagen upgrade for Resto Staff. Then Stone Fist with Stone Giant Upgrade & Molten Weapons with the Molten Armaments upgrade.

He's been pretty good with us a group & solo some stuff so far. Anyone else try this?(He's Argonian & rocking light armor also)
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  • Baphomet
    Yes, this is an absolute viable build type all the way to end game, though I wouldn't use it as a primary healer - more the sort of off-healer who throws out mutagen and maybe combat prayer every now and then. Good thing about it is that you are less reliant on dragonblood and might actually skip that ability on your healing loadout.
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  • Cinna
    Yes dk is a great healer. I am amazed how little attention the new igneous shield healing buff got - it is huge. Hint* weapon power increases resto staff healing.
  • Zsymon
    With Rock Fist and healing staff heavy attack you can take on any elite monster without ever getting hit or running out of magicka, it's nice. All you do is alternate rock fist with heavy attack over and over.. it stays knocked down and the heavy attacks keep your magicka up.
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