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Combat Lag, tried everything.

Everytime I try to engage combat I get lag. I'll start attacking with abilities but I don't see my character cast them OR the enemies, I notice health/mana going down but it looks like it's a staring contest. I used to not have this problem, I've tried disabling windows firewall, malware bytes, tried using leatrix latency fixer, tried settings on low. I have a new alienware that can handle new games on ultra, so hardware isn't the issue, and I have a 2mbps connection and never had this problem until recent patches.

I can attach dxdiag if needed.
  • wrlifeboil
    You aren't the only one experience input lag. The game isn't optimized to the point where it feels as responsive as in other mmos. The tell is the 'gee whiz'-ness about the optimization involving weapons swap caching. If they didn't have something like this it in the game at launch, it does make you wonder what the rest of the code must be like. ;)
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