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Which dungeons should we do now?

My wife and I duo'd our way up to VR2 and are currently slogging through the VR grind. We decide we want to build up some Undaunted points but haven't done any dungeons. Not having gone through the dungeons at our level on the way up, I don't know exactly how it works for players starting dungeons at our level. They don't scale to level, right? They are hard coded to certain levels? Should we be trying to do Vet dungeons? Where should we start?

Basically, I'm asking what would your dungeon approach be in this situation?

  • Axer
    Well to advance in rank, only VR dungeons will grant VP. Each boss gives a significant chunk too, unlike non VR dungeons.

    Though if your still a bit low on skill points, you could run lower lvl non VR ones first to get those up. As VR dungeons are very challenging, so it's not recommended to do them if your missing key class/weapon skills/passives.

    As to which one first:
    VR Banished Cells. This is the easiest/best VP per hr tier1 VR dungeon.

    And no, they dont' scale. Tier1 VR dungeon feature VR4 and 5 monsters.

    It's difficult, but quite possible to complete with a full group of VR2 character, and if you get good and fast at it, it's the fastest way to level up.

    2nd easiest is Spindleclutch.
    Fungal is the other tier 1, but it's ultra difficult, harder then most tier2s.

    T2 (v10)s easiest to hardest;
    Elden/Darkshade are about on par. Darkshade has more difficult/complex mechanics, while Elden is simpler, but requires higher stats.

    Crypt of Hearts stands alone as the only tier 3. It's ultra difficult. Also has garbage loot, while the other 6 vr dungeons can drop pretty nice stuff.
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  • schroed360
    If you want to upgrade your undaunted skill line you should start doing all the normal dungeon.(skill point + achievement so undaunted progress ). For the low level one you not have problem to duo them. For the last normal dungeon you may have to find poeple to group with in that zone.
  • Ecco
    Good tips, thanks guys for the excellent information. Just what I was looking for.
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