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[EP-NA] Redoran Sentinel Legion [Military-Themed Lore-Based RP - Dunmer Only - No Vampires]


"House Redoran prizes the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety. Duty is to one's own honor, and to one's family and clan. Gravity is the essential seriousness of life. Life is hard, and events must be judged, endured, and reflected upon with due care and earnestness. Piety is respect for the gods, and the virtues they represent. A light, careless life is not worth living." — Great Houses of Morrowind



OFFICIAL DECREE: By order of the Redoran Council in Blacklight, Lord Reymas Samarys, Redoran envoy to the Pact, has been tasked with overseeing an elite splinter unit of the Redoran regular military in Stonefalls and Deshaan. The Redoran Sentinel Legion's primary purpose is domestic defense, though Sentinels are also authorized to bring the fight to the enemy wherever they may rear their heads. The Sentinels are garrisoned in Ebonheart City, Stonefalls, under the direct supervision of Lord Samarys and his Marshalls.

ABOUT THE GUILD: The Redoran Sentinel Legion is a brand new RP guild designed to give players a military-themed, immersive lore-based experience in and around the RP Hub of Ebonheart City. In Ebonheart City, NPC sentinels act as the city's primary force of guards. We wish to supplement this with interactive roleplayers in the form of on and off-duty guards, patrolling the streets, the outskirts and patrolling roads and outposts in Stonefalls. We will also be making use of Tal'Deic fortress, a Redoran stronghold, as training grounds for Recruits and Sentinels alike. Additionally, we will also be participating in the Guard versus Criminal PvP that is slated to come with the Thieves Guild Expansion. Of course any and all PvP will be optional.

ABOUT HOUSE SAMARYS: Lord Reymas Samarys and his wife the Lady Draecynth, along with their son Tendrus and their daughter Vandraya have been honored to reside in the Great House Manor in Ebonheart City, as long as the Lord's assignment as envoy remains in place. Lord Samarys has served House Redoran for the better part of 2 centuries, and has led troops in many conflicts that the Redoran military have participated in, including the defense of Blacklight during the Akaviri invasion.

ABOUT EBONHEART CITY: House Samarys and the Redoran Sentinels share the city of Ebonheart with the "Servants of the Tribunal" who reside in the Temple, "Telvanni Contracts" who have set up a laboratory in one of the houses and "House Rethul," a Redoran patron, who have taken control of the Ebony Flask. We will be using the Redoran house as a joint recruitment office and the bunks in the cellar of the Great House Manor as Sentinel living quarters. We also have an Argonian quarter, which we hope an Argonian guild will move into and make themselves at home in. Along with the temple Ordinators, we wish to become a permanent fixture of the Ebonheart City RP hub.



A WORTHY SENTINEL: Embodying the virtues of Piety, Duty and Gravity, a worthy Sentinel is a loyal Dunmer who outwardly supports the Temple's truth, and is bold enough to put their lives on the line in defense of Morrowind and the Tribunal. A Sentinel must uphold and enforce Morrowind's law, but never forget their sense of Honor and their understanding of Mercy in all regards. Whether it be against forces beyond Morrowind's borders, criminals and heretics within, or the abominations of Oblivion itself, the Sentinels stand strong, united under House and Temple.

CHARACTER GUIDELINES: The type of Dunmer character who will do well in the Sentinels is one who, at least outwardly, is devoutly commited to Almsivi, humble in that they must follow orders and fall into formations, and ready to fight Morrowind's enemies both at home and abroad. Being cool under pressure is also a must. There are no class or level restrictions, though martial weapons are preferred on duty and uniforms will require certain levels in order for you to "fit" into them. For religious reasons, the Sentinels cannot admit Vampires but are open to Werewolves (see the FAQ below as to why).

THE RIGHT PLAYER: The guild is looking for players mature enough to respect the well-established in-character chain of command, not only in the Sentinels, but also within Dunmer culture itself. The perfect fit for the Sentinels will be a dedicated role-player who doesn't always need to be the center of attention and enjoys being a part of something larger than themselves. We accept players with any level of lore-knowledge and role-play experience, and we are willing to teach both as best we can, rather than shun those who might be lacking in one area or the other. That being said we are here to play Elder Scrolls so too much willing bending of the lore will not be tolerated.

ROLE-PLAY UNIFORMS: When on-duty, members of the Legion will be held to a very strict uniform standard. Uniforms will be provided by the guild free of charge but if a player chooses to make their own they will be compensated with in-game gold. Redoran uniforms are subdued, not flashy, so that on the battlefield they may blend in as a unified fighting force, rather than a hodge-podge of brightly colored individuals, easily targetable by the enemy. Sentinels also do not cover their faces for battle, as it is seen cowardly and dishonorable. Off-duty, (and in direct PvP situations) characters may wear their best or preferred gear.


As an on-duty Redoran Sentinel, I pledge to...
1. Take charge of my post and all government property in view.
2. Walk my post in a Redoran manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
3. Report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
4. Repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own.
5. Quit my post only when properly relieved.
6. To receive, obey, and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the Commanding Officer, Officer of the Day, Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Legion only.
7. Talk to no one except in the line of duty.
8. Sound the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
9. To call the Captain of the Guard in any case not covered by instructions.
10. Salute all officers and all colors and standards mounted.
11. Be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.

As a Player, I pledge to...
1. Always be courteous to other players both in-game and on public forums.
2. Check the guild's Message-Of-The-Day when logging in to be up-to-date on what's going on with the guild.
3. Do my best to participate in any and all guild events, with the understanding that real life ALWAYS comes first.
4. Never violate the TOS or EULA of "The Elder Scrolls Online."
5. Play a Dunmer for the guild's RP (though players may have any number of alts).
6. Never allow my Dunmer character to become a vampire unless part of an RP plotline.
7. Inform guild leadership of any and all alts created in-game.
8. Inform guild leadership of any and all other guilds you join in game.
9. Affirm that I am 18 years or older.
10. Have a firm grasp of the English language, both spoken and written.
11. Be willing to join a VOIP server (Teamspeak) when needed for events and coordination (microphone not required, listening is enough).

As a Role-Player, I pledge to...
1. Always retain RP decorum to outsiders, staying in character, while in-game in both the /say and /yell channels. All other channels including guild and tells should be considered OOC unless otherwise stated for a specific purpose.
2. Utilize RP racism and prejudice only when justified by lore or in-character reasoning.
3. Curse in RP as long as it is done in a tasteful, RP sense, using RP language and lore-based cultural slang ( ).
4. Never do any meta-gaming. Essentially this means not allowing out-of-character knowledge or actions to affect you in-character ( ).
5. Only gender-bend if I feel I can maturely and thoughtfully role-play as the opposite gender . It is recommended however that if you do not have previous experience with this, that you make sure your character's gender matches your own.
6. Roleplay what my character IS, not what I want my character to be. If one goes around claiming to be the best swordsman in the land, or a powerful magic-user, one had better have the justifiable capabilities to back it up. Members of the Redoran Sentinel Legion must be honest about their capabilities, preventing any god-moding.
7. Never create a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu aka power-RP character. No one is "the greatest at everything" and one should not role-play as such.
8. Give my Dunmer character a lore-friendly name (see the following links for suggestions: or ).
9. Never create OOC Drama for Role-Play actions. If Character A does something bad to Character B and Player B reacts emotionally to Character A, taking the RP into OOC, that is not permitted. It fosters an environment where players will be afraid to express their character's wishes for fear of hurting someone in real life.
10. Never identify a Vampire player by sight alone. A Vampire RPer must actively reveal themselves ICly either with an IC ability or simple admittance before I can react to them as a vampire, no matter what they look like or if they are masked or not.

Ranks in BOLD are in-game ranks...
1. RECRUIT - Initial Rank given on a trial basis. Recruits are provided with Level 4 Dunmer Half-Hide gear.
2. SENTINEL - After trial period players who have reached level 18 will be provided with level 18 Dunmer Hide gear. This is the base infantry rank.
3. Sergeant - Leader of a four-Sentinel cadre.
4. Lieutenant - Leader of an eight-Sentinel cadre.
5. Captain - Leader of a twelve-Sentinel cadre.
6. MARSHALL - Leader of a twenty-four-Sentinel cadre.
7. Grand Marshall - Second in command to the Lord Commander.
8. LORD COMMANDER - Guildmaster Rank.


Q: Why do you only accept Dunmer to the Legion?
A: In the interest of immersion and lore-adherence, we have yet to see any Redoran personnel represented in ESO as anything but Dunmer. Some might argue that because in TES III: Morrowind, any race could join and rise through the ranks of Redoran, that the same should be said for a guild based around them in ESO. However, that was approximately 800 years after the events of ESO, and things have probably changed quite a bit culturally since then. While Great House Redoran would surely allow other races into its ranks as mercenaries, this elite unit will remain Dunmer-exclusive for the moment. That being said, once Zenimax adds more ranks we will create a Mercenary rank for non-Dunmer. Also, players can feel free to have any alts they please as long as they inform guild command of their existence/creation.

Q: Why do you not accept Vampires to the Legion?
A: In the interest of lore-adherence, Dunmer are highly abhorrent to Vampires. No culture in Tamriel embraces vampirism, but no culture in Tamriel is quite as zealous against them as the Dunmeri Tribunal. This stems from their religious beliefs regarding undeath in the Dunmer culture, believing that Vampires are thralls of Molag Bal, one of the four "Bad Daedra" according to the Tribunal faith. Therefore, in order to join the Sentinels, the recruiters run a series of tests to determine if the potential recruit is afflicted with one of the strains of vampirism. Please read the following two lore books, "The House of Troubles" and "Blasphemous Revenants" for more information regarding the relationship between Vampires and Tribunal doctrine.

Q: Why do you allow Werewolves into the Legion?
A: Werewolves are the domain of Hircine, a Daedric prince that Tribunal doctrine does not specifically target as bad. Therefore, as long as a Werewolf is willing to keep themselves from shifting in public, they may serve in the Sentinel Legion as long as they obey the same laws as everyone else.

Q: What gave Reymas the ability to call himself a Lord of Redoran? Isn't that a bit mary-sue?
A: Reymas began ESO as the leader of the Morag Tong RP guild, which he still co-leads. During the first few weeks of the game, he would gather groups of his assassins, have them dress in Redoran garb and accompany him to various public events. His cover was that he was a Redoran Lord and he used that cover to bring other GMs to the table in an attempt to gain underground support for the outlawed Tong. It worked, with a formation of so many soldiers, each blowing horns in unison to announce his and his wife's arrival, most simply gave Reymas the benefit of the doubt. Then as time went on he needed to legitimize his claim, and was invited to be a Councilman in the Great House Redoran guild. Now, he is heavily embedded in the vast and deep Dunmer political RP web that is growing throughout the NA-EP Roleplay community. So his claim was entirely legitimized by the other Dunmer RP guilds. It was a very organic and interesting progression.

Q: What other guilds are the Sentinels allied or associated with?
A: Reymas is a councillor on the RP guild coalition the Morrowind Grand Council. This is a multi-guild coalition made up of Dunmer-based, lore-friendly RP guilds. Servants of the Tribunal/Indoril, House Sarthos/Dres, House Telvanni, Telvanni Contracts, House Serravel, House Rethul, and several others. Beyond that we are heavily embedded in the the role-play scene at large, from the Banescale to the Oathsworn, we have daily RP with many diverse guilds and their members.

Q: What sort of events can a new recruit look forward to?
A: Currently, House Redoran is heavily embedded in a war between the Morrowind Council and the Vampire Clans. This is an OOCly mutually agreed-upon conflict that drives home the lore-friendly treatment of Vampires and undead from the Dunmer culture, and its goal is to bring both types of RPers together so they may have oppotunities to meet, even if ICly they clash with swords and spells at the time. We have had one battle so far and there are many more planned over the coming weeks. Beyond that, Redoran often attend public guild parties, moots, slave auctions, and the like. Internally we will be holding many interesting events, such as boot camps in Tal'Deic, formations and marches, drills, inspections, patrols, combat tournaments, award ceremonies, and the like. We have an excellent group of officers with a lot of fun ideas. Of course, when the Guard-v-Criminal PvP comes about all members will have the option of participating in that.

Q: How do you justify a player being in charge of an NPC faction in the game?
A: As we are attempting to create an experience of immersion, we feel that separating ourselves from established lore and creating something wholly new and thusly implausible to have any kind of IC authority is not the direction we want to go with the guild. Furthermore, we are attempting to fill a niche in the Dunmer lore-based RP community that is otherwise unfulfilled at this time and we felt the Redoran Sentinels were the perfect fit for this sort of military-themed RP. Also, since there is no NPC that is directly in charge of the Sentinels in ESO, it seems only appropriate to fill that void, and to do so as a splinter group to the Great House Redoran guild.


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Honor, Duty and Piety for Morrowind
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    We now have 35 members in just over a week! Hooray!
    Honor, Duty and Piety for Morrowind
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    A look at today's first Redoran Muster. Not a bad turn-out at all I must say.


    And afterwards, a birthday party for Telvanni Wizard Naris Tenisi in Reymas' family manor!



    Thank you to everyone who attended and to Marshal Firus for the awesome screenshots!
    Honor, Duty and Piety for Morrowind
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