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Can't play since patch. Crashing right after "clicking" on PLAY.


My name is Enric and I am addressing to you because I can't play the game.

The issuse is that right before I click on PLAY, before seeing the cinematics, the game crashes. I've went to the thread for common issues, followed instructions, won't work. I've disabled programs, restarted everything, closed firewalls, nothing.

Before the patch the game always worked perfectly for me. I expect a quick and usefull response to this matter.

Kind regards,

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  • ZOS_PierreL
    Hello @eserras7b16_ESO,

    Did you try to repair ? Running as an administrator ?
    Did you update your launcher correctly ? Did you update your computer as well ?
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  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    Enric, I had the same thing happen to me. I'm guessing the patch download got interrupted somehow. I did a repair, it downloaded the missing files, and now the game works fine. Hope this helps.
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  • Brabok
    Does it crash to desktop or do you get an error message?
    If you do it might help knowing what it says :wink:
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